23 October, 2019
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Personal Message History Area

Every artist on ArtWanted has a CONTACT section on their public portfolio, so members and website visitors can send an e-mail message to that member. We encourage communication between members through personal messages on this page.

We have just added a new MESSAGES area to the Control Panel, so you can see a history of all the messages you have received in the past. This new area allows you to read any of your past messages and reply back to the sender if you want to contact them.

This new message history area contains any e-mail you have been sent in the past from your ArtWanted portfolio, even if it was sent to you many years ago.

In addition to this new area, anytime you are sent an e-mail message in the future, it will show up in your Notifications area as well as your Messages history page.

To read your past messages (and new ones), click on the FEEDBACK section of your ArtWanted Control Panel and select the MESSAGES tab. View Now

We invite you to check out this new area and read any messages you may have missed in your e-mail inbox in the past. Enjoy!



Anneke Hut 03 Nov 2019

I've seen them now! It's fun. :)

Nira Dabush 16 Nov 2019

Well.. Good to know... Actually I did not think people are still using the e.mail artist since we surely have the personal e.mails. I checked just now and found out many emails, I never saw before now, SO SORRY! But I will check from time to time. It is better to mail me in my usual mail connected to every comment etc. Hope to have good surprises there... :-) Love and peace. All the best to all.