25 July, 2019

Art Wanted Scoreboard does't work

On July, 1 2019 points for that day of 392 wasn't added.. July, 2 2019 points for that day of 422 wasn't added.... Now on July, 24, only 4 points out of 64 were added to the scoreboard... Problem, had 6 tickets on this problem in and the company cleared 3 on July 4, 2019. But no points added or a simple comment about what happened. Still have 3 tickets " In progress", and this morning added another. It takes a little time to write out the comments ( about 20 in 45 minutes) and now they are not counted.... What a winner. I kept daily records on my posting of comments, because, I don't truss their computer..... WOW, this is some company, to post and send my time on...



Mark Peterson 25 Jul 2019

I think the points for Top 25 are not as quick to be updated in the site as we actually post Wes... I could be wrong. I do know there are clitches here as I have seen it in my own profile stats. I also have many mistakes with my art groups which will not let me see all the images. I have spoken to Staff about the matter and they can't seem to see anything from there end. It is what it is. I am a free member so won't complain too much ~ But if I where premium and trying to sell I would most likely have a different attitude about the whole situation.

Wes Schuelke 04 Aug 2019

On Aug. 03, 2019, gave 11 comments and added 11 pieces of artwork to my favorite and answered one reply, simple math is 79 total what I got was 57, down 22 points. So far for Aug, down 90 point..