08 June, 2019


For the last couple of months, I got back into painting but with watercolor brush pens. I’ve never tried them and I LOVE them! So I started with cheap Arteza watercolor paper and was watching a watercolorist talk about paper so I got some Arches cold press 140lb paper. It was great until I decided to do some sketching on it and of course with a cheap eraser, it did not work out well. So tonight, I decide to get back out the Arteza paper and I’m in love with it. 140lb. It’s so smooth for the brush pens. Have any of you tried this paper? I’m a little baffled as to why I like the cheap paper better besides the fact that the cheap eraser works better with it. I’ve got some Arches hot press paper coming and I’m sure that will be smoother but idk why this is bothering me. Lol. Ok and what kind of eraser should I get? One that doesn’t leave a residue? Do any of you use brush pens? I did get regular watercolors but I’m loving these brush pens so much that I feel like I’m cheating. Lol



Rick Corbett 08 Jun 2019

Janie, please don't feel your cheating, you're not at all. There are no rules in art, there's no right or wrong way to create. Art comes from the heart and it should be fun. Some people believe that paper is paper...it's not. It's been my experience that not only is there different tooth of paper but there is a different "feel" to paper. For instance, in my drawings I use Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper which I personally love, it works for what I want to do. I also used Canson's Bristol Smooth paper which to me has a completely different feel. I believe it's good to experiment with different papers and different supplies and products as well.

I've never used brush pens before but I believe they would have different results than a regular watercolor brush. It seems like you are really enjoying the brush pens which I'm so glad because I believe art should be fun and exciting. I may actually go out and get some to try. I cannot wait to see what you create.

As for erasers, I like the Tuff Stuff Eraser pen as well as the Mono Zero Eraser pen. I cut the tips on both at an angle to get a nice sharp edge which I use for hair highlights, pores on skin, etc. I'm not sure if those would work for what you are looking for but that's what I use and they don't leave any type of residue in my experience.

This is a great post, though I'm not sure I answered any of your questions or helped in any way, but I'm looking forward to seeing what other artists may suggest and to hear about their experiences.

Janie Pini 08 Jun 2019

Thank you very much Rick! That was such a nice comment and very helpful! Sometimes I sketch before painting so I definitely need to get a better eraser. Lol. Yes! Try the brush pens! Fantastic feedback and your stuff is amazing!

Ivo Depauw 09 Jun 2019

Hi Janie, I tried expensif Arches paper and was not satisfied, so I use cheaper but good 300 g watercolor paper. My watercolors are sometimes rather detailled, that's why I make my drawing on lay-outpaper than I put my watercolor paper over this drawing and trace it over on a light-box I made myself. So I don't have to use an eraser and have a neat drawing on my watercolor paper.

Janie Pini 14 Jun 2019

I just ordered a magic rub eraser and someone said that can erase under the paint. We will see. Lol. I also got some Prismacolor watercolor pencils. I think they will help. Got some hot press paper and it’s crazy. Lol. Idk about that. Lol. I am going to try and go back to my Arteza 300/140 paper for now and see that happens. Thanks for the feedback!

Jill Smith 12 Aug 2019

Hi Janie, Even though everyone is different, this is what has worked well for me. I've had good results, using waterbrushes with watercolor paint/watercolor pencils/water-soluble pencils with Arteza Watercolor 140 lb paper, for quick sketches and occasionally finished art. Depending on the subject, I might use the smoother back-side or the rougher front-side of the paper. I created this watercolor Blue Jay painting on Arteza W/C paper, smooth-side. I haven't used watercolor brush pens yet, but they look really interesting, I have to say. As for erasers and general erasing on w/c paper, I like using a Faber-Castell kneaded eraser and for tight spots or details, I like the Mono Zero Eraser pen with the round tip, cut into a wedge shape. For general erasing, I reach for the Staedtler Mars Plastic eraser. I hope this helped a little!