15 May, 2019

Suggestions & Comments

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First of all I'd like to thank ArtWanted.com for allowing to exhibit my art & photography while other sites have rejected my work saying it's not good enough or that I don't use post processing afterward. As a naturalist when it come to photography & art, I tend to capture the moment as is without editing. I also feel that i'm a master of natural light because I've never used synthetic or flash/strobe lighting to enhance any of my images. Generally specking, all images in my portfolio as as natural as they can be.

After being rejected by many of the major photo and art sites even a couple of major museums, there's one thing I've noticed about all those other sites. Typically known as ringers, these professional photographers or artist steal the thunder from average artist who seek the resignation they deserve within hosted contest. I'm just wanting to make sure that artiest/photographers here keep it simple and real without a lot of post precessing. An image may be appealing because it's been enhanced, but to persons like me, we'll never have a chance to enter these contest on level ground, simply because we don't use post precessing.

Next, I wanted to make sure that anyone here has worth and value. Do not allow others to tell you like wise. I for one, if it wasn't for my wife encouraging me back into my art/photography I would not have returned. Along with this, all those other sites tend to subject others into your work and have allowed them to undermine your work in public. All because of jealousness of your work. Do not fall into this trap and think your work isn't good enough.

I've been searching for a community of like minded artist / photographers that strive to help one another instead of belittle everything we say of do. I would like to hope that Artwanted is that community as I've been banned by all other art/photography communities.

On to matters at hand. I'd like to see more posting options within the text field. as to allow the poster to have options like adding images, or other data. Currently we're allowed to add images via an upload file, but I'm referring to a more option tool tray which other sites utilize within their community.

Next, I'd like to see the addition to a Blog area for artist within their profile or portfolio. this way, I can blog about my next artwork, offer suggestions to readers and post image progress or photo locations as a running/travel blog.

Other wise, thanks to the community & artwanted to allowing to exhibit my work when other sites have banned me or said my work isn't good enough.