13 May, 2019

File Quality

After uploading many images of my work, it seems I have no orders. Wondering if this is the case for many others here, or if it's possibly because my file quality is not good enough for people to order. Anyone have any advice? Thanks!



Bokehen Photography 15 May 2019

The objective of ArtWanted is to have a place to display your work. if by chance you have to have something sold it will show within your funds stats. However, if one is hopping to get rich here by posting their work, it is suggested that you also post your work on other sites like 500px, Etsy, fstopper etc. Again, I've just found this site myself and if it took me this long to find it, then do not get your hopes up that you'll sell something right away. I'm not nor should you. However, keep the art flowing and attract followers. All it takes is that one special artwork to attract others to your page. As for the file/image quality, it is suggested that one use the maximum setting when taking pictures of their art to be displayed here.

Jack Faragasso 17 May 2019

Thanks for your reply! Well thank goodness I'm not here to rich here! lol ... I was just wondering what a good file size would be for people to purchase anything here of good quality since there were no orders at all.

Unfortunately, all my artwork was photographed years ago and to have all the photos taken again would be quite a task. I supposed it is what it is and at least people will see my work here.

Thanks again!

Art & Photography by Bokehen 18 May 2019

Even though I'm new here, you're not alone in this endeavor. I too would enjoy selling my art/photography but if it happens it happens and i'm not basing my life on this nor should anyone else. The objective it to have a place to display your work without being ridiculed by other artist. As for a common image quality size, it is suggested that 6000 pixel resolution would be the best possible image quality for selling or framing large prints. Prints around 18x24 etc. If your images are older, there could be image lost when enlarging. For instance, I have a very dark fog tree image which is actually a copy of a lost original. it's a shame I lost the original as I've had several interested in larger copies of this print. The best I can do on this print is a large mat frame with a 11x14 print or an printed copy on canvas which hides the pixelated image at 16x25 or 18x28. It's best to research the image stored data first before judging the size or price of selling the picture. if one is not familiar with knowing how to access the image data, locate the image, right click on the image then select properties, locate "details" if no image data is available, you will have your hands full in trying to sell these at higher resolution. However, as I stated above, if the customer is wanting a larger print, but doesn't mind that it's slightly pixelated, have this printed on canvas which will hide or distort the pixels slightly.

Jack Faragasso 18 May 2019

Thank you so much for your reply! It was extremely helpful! I wish you all the best here as well as in your future endeavors!

Art & Photography by Bokehen 18 May 2019

Mr. Faragasso It's an honor to have spoken with you. After searching artwanted, if anyone needed to be followed it is you. Your work is far Superior than anything I've seen in a long time and I'm humbled to have had a chance to offer you support for ever avenue you choose. In fact you work should be in a museum if it isn't already. One could only dream of having the talent that you do.

Jack Faragasso 20 May 2019

I thank you so much for taking time to look at my work and for such beautiful words. It truly means more to me than I can express. Heartfelt thanks to you.