08 May, 2019

For your infomation only

The number of inactive members is a lot higher than anyone can even think about...………. I have been a member for 29 day, this this website, Art Wanted. com and have posted some 750 comments on Artwork. Replies for artist 102, which is only 13.6% . Started looking around and found that a lot of members have either dropped out or no longer use their account. This goes back some 20 years. Also, found a few members that are dead, but the Corp. says that it works with the family and won't tell us anything or put a value for royalties, that should be paid to family members. The main problem, is your Artwork is between two artists which die, some 15 years ago. The Corp. says it has it's reason to kept these dead Artist in the membership. I have paid my dues to be here, and have deleted almost all my Artwork. Nothing is for sale here. Sorry, but I don't think that this Company is playing fare, here..... I have owned 5 craft stores, sold wholesales to 650 other stores in 5 states, but have never used someone else's artwork, to get ahead in this World.