22 April, 2019
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Profile Page for Your Portfolio!

We are very excited to announce a big upgrade to the portfolios of all our members... Profile Pages! The new Profile page highlights all the latest and most important information about the artist/photographer.

There are up to 15 sections on the profile page, depending on the content that has been updated by the member and their membership type. The content of these sections updates automatically when you change your portfolio. You can customize several of these sections and can always hide a specific section if you prefer.

The new Portfolio Profile page had many advantages for our members. The biggest is those visiting your portfolio now get a better idea of who the artist is on a single page and don’t need to visit every tab of your portfolio to see the latest information.

Your Profile page is now live on your portfolio! We invite you to check it out and add additional details to your portfolio to further enhance the experience for your website visitors. Take the next few days to enhance and customize your Profile page, which will become the default portfolio tab on May 1st.

To make the most from your new Profile page, we invite you to learn more about each section below.

1. Cover Image – This is a feature we have had for a while and we recently made some upgrades to it. The customizable cover image is the first image users will see when they visit your portfolio. To learn more about the cover image, click here.

2. Main Image – This area displays a large image that you want to highlight for your portfolio visitors. You can choose any image in your portfolio to display as your main image. If you haven’t chosen a specific image to go in this area, your most recent image will be displayed. The image is set on a gray background to make the whites of your image appear even whiter. The “Main Image” can be set by clicking the “Set as Main Image” button when viewing or editing any image in your portfolio.

3. Featured Images – This is something we are really excited about. The artist can now pick up to 20 images from their entire portfolio to highlight in this Featured section. Members can even choose the order in which the featured images appear, so you can promote your most favorite images you have created. To add an image to your Featured area, click the ADD TO FEATURED button when you view or edit your image. We have also created a new page in your Control Panel to select the order in which your featured images appear on your profile page.

4. Newest Images – Your 8 most recent images will appear in this section in squares. Clicking on the thumbnail will take the visitor to the larger image. If some of your latest images are shown above in the main image or featured images, they will be removed from the newest images section, so you don’t have any duplicate images on this page.

5. Albums (Premium) – If you are a Premium Member and have grouped your images into Albums, your first 7 albums will display in this section. Visiting members can click on a specific Albums to view those images, or click the button to view all of your Albums.

6. Artist Info – This section contains several highlights about the artist. This includes the artist name, self-portrait image/photo, location and social media links. There are also buttons to follow the artist, send them an e-mail and visit their website. This information can all be customized from your Control Panel Settings.

7. Public Stats – This section displays some high-level statistics of the member. These stats include the number of ArtWanted Followers, number of portfolio images and the year the member joined ArtWanted. If you are uncomfortable displaying any of this information, you can choose to hide this section, as you can with any other sections on your Profile page.

8. Intro – The portfolio introduction is displayed directly under the Artist Info & Public Stats. This is a great way to briefly introduce yourself to the world or post any upcoming events for everyone to see.

9. Bio – If you have added a personal bio to your portfolio settings, the first 250 characters will appear in this section. There is also link to view your full bio if it’s longer than the brief summary, so visitors can read your full biography.

10. Blog (Premium) – Your most recent blog post will show up on your profile page, so your visitors instantly know if you have a new post. They can read the summary and click the link to visit your full blog with all the details and larger images. Only blog posts made in the last 6 months will appear on this profile page.

11. Video – If you have posted at least one video to your portfolio, the first video will display on your cover page for your visitors to watch. If you have more than one video, there will be a link to take the visitor to your Videos tab to see all of your videos.

12. Private Gallery (Premium) – If you are Premium Member and you have setup Private Galleries, then we provide a quick way for your friends/clients to login to see their gallery from your profile page.

13. Shop – If you have your artwork listed for sale on ArtWanted, then a special Shop section shows up on your Profile page inviting your visitors to visit your online art store. Also, if you are part of our Print on Demand program, if you add one of your products to your shopping cart, that product & image will show up in the shop section as a product preview. Change this image at anytime by adding a different product to your shopping cart (you can delete it after it’s in your cart).

14. Recent Feedback – The last 5 comments you have received on your artwork will display in this section. The feedback must have been posted within the last year, but that usually is not a problem for most members.

15. Groups – To encourage more visits and interaction with our art groups, we display 5 of art groups you belong to on your Profile page. If you belong to more than 5, there is a link to view all of the groups you are a member of.

As you can see, the Profile page has many sections to show off your artwork and information. Each section can be customized by your uploads, content and settings. You can also hide any section (or even the entire profile page) by using your Portfolio Settings, but who would want to do that?

On top of these changes, we have also created a new setting to let you choose which tab in your portfolio is the default tab to display first. Currently the default for everyone is the Portfolio Gallery and on May 1st, it will become the Profile page. However, with this setting you can change the default page to any page/tab you have available in your portfolio.

We think the new Profile pages will bring more traffic to your portfolio and allow members to get a better snapshot of you as a creative individual. We also think you will enjoy viewing the Profile pages of the other members of ArtWanted. We welcome your comments and feedback on how we can make the Profile page even better on the next release, so please share your thoughts. Enjoy!



ArtWanted.com Staff 22 Apr 2019

Here's an example Portfolio Profile page from one of our long time members... John Enright.

ArtWanted.com Staff 22 Apr 2019

Here's another Portfolio Profile page from one of our long time members... Sharon De Vore.

ArtWanted.com Staff 23 Apr 2019

Here's another Portfolio Profile page from one of our long time members... Nira Dabush.

Now let's see what you can do with your new Portfolio Profile Page!

Wes Schuelke 23 Apr 2019

Well done the new page is full of what the Artist needs to see, and looks really nice. Thanks.

Mersea Ruane 23 Apr 2019

Hi, for some reason I am unable to update my Bio. Can someone please tell me where to go to do this?

ArtWanted.com Staff 23 Apr 2019

MERSEA - You can update your BIO on the PORTFOLIO SETTINGS page of your CONTROL PANEL. Here is the link for you:


J Kong 24 Apr 2019

This update is great!

Nira Dabush 24 Apr 2019

Thanks so much AW Staff.. You are doing a great work in this site... and I like my stay in it.. A way to go with the NEW... Happy holidays all.

paul cowling 24 Apr 2019

How do I change the header picture on my portfolio page, you have stuck a painting of a dog and cat on there which is sideways, I have tried to rotate it but it doesn't work, I have even deleted the picture from the main gallery paintings. It gives a bad impression on my work can you please tell me how to change it or delete the thing for me, I think I lost a place in a gallery as I directed them to my page and if they saw that, it wouldn't be Good! Thanks

AW STAFF: We have sent you an e-mail with instructions.

Anneke Hut 24 Apr 2019

Well done AW! I like it very much! :)

zunaira saleem 07 Jul 2019

well done this updstion is great https://pakrealestatenews.wordpress.com/2019/07/06/faisal-town-islamabad/