12 April, 2019

Changing the order of art displayed in porfolio/gallery

I have some 75 art pieces in my portfolio & I can't figger out how to shift them to a better order. [I want to show my favorites first!] What am I missing? Could some1 detail how to do this... Thx I hope



Wes Schuelke 14 Apr 2019

Nice work, have you thought about Portfolios, with titles, or albums, good luck.

Jack Faragasso 29 Apr 2019

I've been wondering how to do this as well. I did try making portfolios but don't seem to have the ability to add the images to each portfolio. Hope someone here can explain what we need to do. Thanks for posting.

ArtWanted.com Staff 01 May 2019

Timothy - While we don't yet have the ability to sort all the images in your portfolio to a specific order, we do now offer the FEATURED IMAGES feature on the profile page. This allows you to pick up to 20 of your favorite images from your portfolio and display them at the top of your profile page. From looking at your profile page, it looks like you have figured this out, great job.

For the rest of you, here is the link to pick your featured images that show at the top of your profile page:


Wes Schuelke 02 May 2019

Tim: Go to dashboard Then hit Manage portfolio Select on edit image Then go down to NEW ALBUM NAME ON THE LOWER RIGHT SIDE, and the name your album maybe "Favorite" Then put your favorite in that album by going to your favorite image, select edit image, then go down to ALBUM SUB GALLERY press on the space and the Album " Favorite" will show up. Bingo you got it. Wes

Jack Faragasso 10 May 2019

Thanks for that reply Wes. It was very helpful and I was able to make albums.... would you happen to know if it's possible to rearrange the images in the "store" link? It automatically puts my most recent image uploads first in the store, and I want them to be last. Any idea? Thanks!