07 March, 2019


Hello, As already asked, I would appreciate if your pale chosen grey writing would be simply BLACK so that it would be easier to read !! Some can have this (Sharon DeVore for instance) and I would like to be able to better read the comments and mine. I have recently an eye surgery and I would appreciate to have more contrast. Thank you for your help. Kind regards, Marie-Claire Gallet



John Enright 08 Mar 2019

I like this type. Its classy and elegant... a darker black would be too harsh. Just my own point of view.

ArtWanted.com Staff 19 Mar 2019

We suggest that you post this as an idea on the IDEA BOARD, so you can get support/comments/votes from other members and see what happens with it.

Mark Peterson 30 Mar 2019

I think the color of letters is fine for reading... it is all the white that distracts from the art and confuses the eye... I cannot see to good as I use to so I need darker background, but that has to do with art and not reading... perhaps this is with your reading as well...