06 January, 2019

Fashion and Beauty Photo Art by DEE JOBES PHOTOGRAPHY has been stolen!!!

Hi My Dear AW Friends,Staff and Mangement, Please read the following:

Dear customers,clients and friends of DEE JOBES PHOTOGRAPHY, on Jan 6 2019 it came to our attention that when we or our clients search for our business name, on the internet, that our business is being associated with a person and an unfamiliar website using DEE JOBES PHOTOGRAPHY Fashion and Beauty Photo Art,which is featured in the 2018 gallery at AW!!! This Featured Fashion and Beauty Photo art has been stolen!!!We have not given this person or website permission to use our business name or to use this Fashion and Beauty Photo Art,which we originally posted here at AW on May 24,2018.We have no desire to be associated with the unknown subject matter of this person or stated website. Thank You all Dear Friends and Family who have been very supportive of DEE JOBES PHOTOGRAPHY! Thank You Artwanted management and staff for featuring my Photo Art!!! I would like to say a very special Thank You to my Dear Canadian Friend Samantha, the young lady who posed for me for the above stated Fashion Beauty Art .Samantha Thank You ,You are such a beautiful and great talented model!!!Sincerely, Dee of DEE JOBES PHOTOGRAPHY p.s If necessary, DEE JOBES PHOTOGRAPHY will take legal action if the above stated Photo Art is not removed from that website by the person who stole it!!!



Nira Dabush 08 Jan 2019

Dee. Sorry for you really, you are one of those I saw as good people... There are softwares which can find other works of you that were stolen and used for internet. Each work has some kind of mark, formula, or number etc, and known as was taken with your camera. If you find your work in another site and used by someone else, you should ask to remove it immediately. I said much in the past and so much more... for those " ----------" that took my privacy away from my private life, my private computers, my family's private life, and our phones.. There is much work on my private computers... and too many peepers to peep on me and my work.. Call them spies..So Dee... What would I say... ? Thank you to ALL THOSE PEOPLE STOLE OUR PRIVACY... If it happened to me... it happened to many of you naive artists... I wish you luck.. If they stole one work of you Dee... They stole much more and You still don't know it... There is no forgiveness to those took privacy from us. Even if I do believe in forgiving...

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Jan 2019

We are sorry to hear about this. We do what we can to protect our members artwork from being used/stolen. Let us know if we can help with anything on this.


Update:Jan 13, 2019

Dear Nira,AW Friends,Members,Staff and Management,

DEE JOBES PHOTOGRAPHY is pleased to report that this issue,concerning this Photo Art, has been resolved. Thank You All for caring;and Thank You AW Staff and Management for this Great Website...Keep up the Great Work!!! Sincerely, Dee Jobes DEE JOBES PHOTOGRAPHY

Cheryl Garman-Andrade 10 Apr 2019

I have had issues with people posting, stealing and copying my work from Pinterest. Most if not all sites have a legal contact (DMCA) to remove infringements. It’s an ordeal for sure and so time consuming for artists to have to deal with this all of the time. I watermark my art to death now and still find it on unscrupulous sites WITH the watermarks intact! Now, I pick one day a week to run my work through Google image search. If my images are in places they shouldn’t be, I report them and if I can, strike the user who posted it. Some countries are tougher to get them removed but you can use Whois to find a contact and at least attempt it. Laws seriously need to change in favor of intellectual property. The EU just passed a law that I think might affect everyone. It makes sites accountable in addition to the users. It appears sites will have to use upload filters to catch infringing material the moment it is uploaded. The internet is both a blessing and a curse.