26 December, 2018

In Memory Of Peter - Belong to BEST Internet Times

I don't know how many of you remember Peter Rutilquartz, or got to know him, since the site changed completely so are the people active in it. Peter was active in AW Site back then in 2005/6. I was very sorry to understand he passed away Dec, 3, 2018. In his memory I posted today several images. He will be greatly missed, he is already greatly missed. He was a wonderful inspiration for me personally. RIP, Peter.



Nira Dabush 26 Dec 2018

Peter Rutilquartz, passed away Dec, 3, 2018. This portrait I made for him for AW Challenge : Pick up a Member. A good friend since 2004/5 first at this site, later recomended me another site, which he found as better to present photography. As I wrote once , I found mutual subjects that we love .. Photography, Colour & More... The way we look at things and used it in photography. Much likeness. He definitely belonged to my BEST Internet times. Times that will never come back unfortunately.Times of perfect privacy, when people could create in private, correspond in private, and be really friends. I would assume and actually know many people knew him in this site. Peter I will remember you, for your generosity, and charm. You were a wonderful photographer since very young age, loved traveling and flowers I knew from the beginning, you had to deal with your health problems... AND, Must admit, that every time, I remembered you,or see you at my portfolio, I found myself immediately at your portfolio... Wondering about your health, knowing you should avoid too much of the computer use and be active in different ways. You were and still a splendid inspiration for me. I took the privilege you gave me and painted from some of your photos. Thank you for the inspiration, Peter, many times... And thank you for the pure friendship during the years. I still remember photos you took back then in 2005/6 of a cemetery.... The flowers belonged always to you... also to me. RIP, My dear friend. Once you belonged to the AW family, which changed completely ... Sending my condolences to Peter's family.

Nira Dabush 21 Jan 2019

I like the views.. and even more the replies.. WOW!

Rosemary Gioielli 02 Feb 2019

Hi Nira, I have been a member since 2002-2003, although not active here much anymore. That is a lovely tribute, and the way you've coined the phrase "best internet times" . Yes, I've had some of the best and worst internet times here back then too...It's really so good to hear your tribute. You were both blessings in each others lives, and it's true that we form very real bonds with one another in these virtual spaces. I'm sorry for your loss

Nira Dabush 06 Mar 2019

Rosemary.. I can say the same.. Best and worse internet times... Thanks for visiting... Once the forums were a busy place to be.. and i visited rarely.. Peter was one of my good friends here who support my art. As for now, no privacy was left unfortunately... Internet changed much for me, and for many I guess... With SPY, And peepers.. Stay safe.,.Kind regards.