18 December, 2018

original artist

I would like to make this clear, I'm not the original artist of practically every drawing I post on artwanted. I search for photos or paintings that appeal to me and I use that as a reference to draw from. I do not possess the creative talent of a lot of artists who out of their imagination come up up with some amazing ideas, I salute those who can do that. However, be assured that any drawing or painting I post is done by my hands, I take no ones drawing and painting they did and sign my name to it as if I did it. I just thought I would clear that up in case anyone was wondering, thanks for your time and understanding, Ron Bedsole



Papa HeadPuddinHead 23 Dec 2018

Well I happen to think your 'Abe Lincoln with his iPhone' is absolutely brilliant. Keep up the good work Ron.

Ron Bedsole 24 Dec 2018

the abe Lincoln was not done by me, I found it on facebook and posted it here as I stated in the description

ArtWanted.com Staff 27 Dec 2018

Ron, thanks for posting this message. We welcome any art on ArtWanted, even if it was done from reference photos. Just make sure that anything you do post in your portfolio is your own work, not done by anyone else. Thanks.

Bokehen Photography 15 May 2019

Just for clarification. Any art/photography/images you showcase on artwanted.com can not be sold by you without the artist/photographers permission. Displaying their art/photos is greatly appertained but please include relative links to those artist you featured by including their name and web address.

Vincent von Frese 04 Sep 2019

The main point of art showing here is work made by the actual member artist which is humble and humbly honest. Art Wanted believes in artists. I was for a while back showing on another art online site but I quit them abruptly when the art dealers began to dominate everything quite arrogantly sling Van Gogh and every other famous artist who’s work they scanned and copied. I complained and these dealers laughed at me.

So I believe in Art Wanted as long as they continue to believe in me and all the members who are producing and showing their own artwork!