11 December, 2018

Holiday Gallery

Hello all, how may I ipload images to the holiday gallery? I selected the images, and clicked on the holiday gallery link, but the Halloween gallery only comes up. any suggestions, thanks!



Ron Bedsole 12 Dec 2018

look at the bottom of the page under latest updates and click on 2018 Holiday Gallery now open and you should find an upload button on that page, have a nice day!

Ron Bedsole 12 Dec 2018

it actually reads " submit Holiday Artwork now", near the bottom of the page, hope this helps

Bethany Jackson 12 Dec 2018

I'm having the same problem...click on Holiday Gallery and I get Halloween Gallery instead.

Ron Bedsole 12 Dec 2018

hi Bethany, are my directions that vague? go to the bottom of an artwanted page and look under "latest updates", the 2nd link is "2018 Holiday Gallery Now Open", click on that link, when the page loads, go to the bottom of the page and look for "submit Holiday artwork now", click on that link and you can upload artwork to the Holiday artwork. Now perhaps it won't work for anyone else but it does for me., have a nice day!

Bethany Jackson 13 Dec 2018

I really don't appriciate your attitude. All I was refering to is that when I click the link from where I SHOULD BE ABLE TO VEIW IT FROM MY DASHBOARD TAKES ME TO THE HALLOWEEN PAGE EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS HOLIDAY. Sometimes the people who run this site read these boards, are made aware that there is a small error like this one, and fix it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO FIND THE LINK ELSWHERE...the first time.

Ron Bedsole 13 Dec 2018

you're welcome, have a nice day!

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Dec 2018

Thanks for the note and for pointing this out. We have updated the link on this page to link to the Holiday gallery instead of the Halloween gallery.

You can also get to the Holiday Gallery at anytime by clicking on the "2018 Holiday Gallery Now Open!" link in the top-left corner.