25 November, 2018

Do we take our art too seriously?

There are times, quite often actually, when I like to have fun with my art. I also get a great kick out of posting humorous comments (never, ever, ever hurtful) about other artists work. Unfortunately as soon as I hit the 'enter' button I go into a state of panic thinking the artist will be offended and I'll spend the rest of my days saying 'sorry'. Anyway, just wondering what you think?



Ivo Depauw 26 Nov 2018

I am painting for fun !

Ron Bedsole 26 Nov 2018

I agree with you papa, I like making humorous remarks sometimes myself and sometimes the artist responds as though they are offended, but I look at it as ,"oh well", and go on about my business. don't let that bother you, you must remember, we live in a world now where practically everyone is offended by practically everything, people wear their feelings on their shoulders, have thin skins and some even go about looking for things to cry about, just have fun and don't worry about those numbnuts. life is short, enjoy yourself!

Ron Bedsole 26 Nov 2018

p.s. papa, you won't offend me if you want to joke about my art

Papa HeadPuddinHead 27 Nov 2018

Thank you Ivo and Ron. I'll be visiting you shortly.

Al Budarin 01 Dec 2018

Ron, Your a down to earth kinda guy, I like your Comments& I sure agree with Everything You've Saidweve Spoken before you know my Thoughts on a lot of this Stuff

Ron Bedsole 01 Dec 2018

thanks Al, yes, I wish we could meet, I believe I would really enjoy that, a wonderful day to you!