23 November, 2018


SAL GUADAGNON Can AW delete rapidly the indecent pictures of this guy !!! Disgusting !! THANK YOU, Marie-Claire GALLET



RQ Trietsch 23 Nov 2018

I'm surprised that let those pictures stay up for the last couple of days. I think someone should report him to the local authorities.

Mark Peterson 23 Nov 2018

I am surprised those pictures have been allowed to stay as long as they have... This is not the place for them and it is not what I want to see when I come here. AW REALLY NEEDS A REPORT BUTTON. Last time I contacted the staff it took two weeks for them to get back to me.

ArtWanted.com Staff 23 Nov 2018

These images and this account has been removed from our site. We will be adding a "report image to staff" function very soon as well.

Papa HeadPuddinHead 23 Nov 2018

Thank you AW. A 'Report Button' might be the answer. I was on the site that morning when that guy loaded those photos. I immediately reported him to AW (I think you call it a ticket). Unfortunately it took two full days to remove him. THANK YOU for all you do for us artists.

Mark Peterson 23 Nov 2018

Thumbs up! on the report button.... I know not everything can be caught right away.

RQ Trietsch 23 Nov 2018

On the "Home" page at the bottom right side there is a "contact us" that you can click on and make a request or report something etc. What I did in this instance (above issue) was to click on one of his pictures. Did a right click and then clicked on save link address. From there I went to the Home page and "Contact Us" and posted the link. Got a report number and shortly there after after got a response about him and his post being deleted.

Members need to remember...Home Page...bottom right side..."Contact Us" Works much better and faster than complaining on the discussion page.

Mark Peterson 23 Nov 2018

I have done this before myself RQ but have had to wait as long as a couple of weeks as I said in my post. I just think a separate report button would be a lot faster. I do agree that member discussion is not the best place to report something to staff.

Bethany Jackson 23 Nov 2018

Thanks Marie!! Saw those this morning and was at a loss for how to contact and what to say. I was about to email the site, but once I got the blank form in front of me I was without words, so I just left. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Ron Bedsole 26 Nov 2018

thanks Marie for the post, it was disgusting, and thanks also Mark for the suggestion, I think that is a great idea, a "report button", if it will get a faster response from AW staff

Marie Claire 27 Nov 2018