22 October, 2018

Bad changes to artwanted

Hey! I haven't been here in awhile but I signed up when it first started - and I'm not liking any of this now. Member discussion? Where? Looks like mostly spam for comments.

And they're allowing right-click "save" on images? They didn't allow that before.

Who's in charge & why is it worse not better?



Mark Peterson 22 Oct 2018

As far as I know the right click is still disabled in the main portfolio any way... Things have changed a lot here I know. I recently just came back myself after several years absence and everything is different. I think you just need to re-adjust Like I had to.

ArtWanted.com Staff 22 Oct 2018

Gail - First off, welcome back to ArtWanted after your time away. The "no right click" feature is still active on our site, but this is turned off for artists on their own portfolios. Perhaps this is why you felt it was off everywhere, but it is not.

As for the member discussions, these are still here in the Community message boards and are mostly posts from our members. However, if you see any spam, feel free to report it and we will remove it.


We invite you to go through all of the recent blog posts by our staff to see all of the positive things that have changed since you have been gone as well. You should find much more to like than before, even if a few things have changed.