09 October, 2018

SCAM Emails

Anyone else received emails from scammers via artwanted?

Never respond to those emails. Forward them to [email protected]

I had this in my inbox:

"Hello Dear How are you? My Name is Mrs. Mary Allin .

I am from United States of America but living in Cote D, ivoire West Africa. I am a senior bank assistant Director. I want us to do a genuine legal transaction business and this business I want both of us to do involved a big amount of money and after we finish the business you will get enough money and I will also get enough money;

therefore if you are interested to do the genuine business with me kindly get back to me so that i will tell you the kind of business i want us to do. This is my email address . please contact me back to my private email; [email protected]

[email protected]

I am waiting for your urgent reply .

Mrs. Mary Allin ."


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Ron Bedsole 18 Oct 2018

lol, I'm sorry I do find that humorous, yes, it does reek of deceit, you would think the scammer would find someone with better grammar skills to put the note together. I get calls that caller I.D. shows as an insurance company and then the caller tells me I qualify for a lower interest rate on my credit card lol, a lot of scammers are not to bright for sure. I actually enjoy their calls, I find them stupid and a bit entertaining at the same time lol.