14 September, 2018

Why Do?

People choose the option to not allow comments on their work? I don't understand why and have always been curious. Someone enlighten me please!



Ron Bedsole 19 Sep 2018

I've wondered that myself Mark, very odd.

Melanie logan 21 Sep 2018

Some artists are wary of what may be said about their work, when you have been in this line of work and been part of exhibitions as I have you become well aware of others who will demolish an art piece, not because of any reason other than that they can be destructive, I am not only talking about so called critics but other artists who have a touch of the green eyed monster within them....for me all art is meaningful, it a part of someones inner thoughts, I always say to people to ignore what is said be proud of what you have accomplished....

Mark Peterson 21 Sep 2018

Basically Melanie you said many artist don't allow it or like it because they don't want to hear an opinion if a work is bad or not... To me that is ego and you create for yourself and what is in your heart and eye not for others. The market place and design work etc... is different, If you are a professional artist paid for design and such. That is a whole different view point. On line is hard... I get it! it is a very judgmental world and the thought of someone critically picking your work apart can be hurtful and scary, but when I create for me I just don't care what others might think. Art is expression and freedom of spirit... No one should ever be afraid of that.

Ryley Rush 25 Sep 2018

People are afraid of criticism. They don't want to hear something bad about their masterpieces.

Jaye Jarvis 25 Sep 2018

Just immaturity

Dale Newman 04 Oct 2018

Mark I agree that art is from the heart, but I also believe that each of us have an ego that takes pride in the art we want to express. Its that same pride that motivates us to post our art on this website and others. With all this said I don't think anyone has the right to comment on the right or wrong of allowing comments on their art. Just as the art is an expression of the heart of the individual, so also is the persons feelings on that expression and they should be respected for there contribution,

Adelle John 06 Oct 2018

I have mine on now because the community here is much different than it was when I first joined we had some very rude and mean spirited artists who did not feel my art was art because it was 1 naive (and it was very naive at first) and 2 because it was all religious (Jewish culture or religion anyway) and they made very mean comments and lots of them and it was more than one person so I turned off comments. I would do it again if a lot of mean people made comments that were not in the least bit constructive...it is one thing to offer constructive criticism to a young or just starting artist but you dont need to make your comments so cruel that they cause an new artist to doubt they are artists at all and want to quit painting...I am glad I had the presense of mind to just turn off comments rahter than quit painting...I did mature as an artist and my art is much better now years later but if I had taken those comments to heart I would no longer be painting.

Ron Bedsole 26 Oct 2018

I think Mark that you put it very well, you said it better than I could have