09 August, 2018

Been along time since I've posted anything on ARTWANTED.COM... hello out there Folks.

Don't know the last time I've posted anything here, probably in 2009 or 2010? Anyway above a new image called " The American Male " acrylic on paper size: 11 x 14 done in 2018.

For those who remember me, hello... still making art as you can see.



RQ Trietsch 10 Aug 2018

Been a long time Juan. Hope all's been well with you and yours. AW really hasn't changed, maybe a little more boring than the past. A few old timers still hanging around. Anyway good to see you again

Juan Gomez 10 Aug 2018

RQ Trietsch, hey brother good to hear from you! yes, things have been well...went back to college to receive my MFA... that was two years ago... anyway is it good to see a familiar art wanted personality... thank you for responding.

RQ Trietsch 11 Aug 2018

Congratulation on getting your MFA.

Scott DuBar 31 Aug 2018

Nice work! I like the way you handle the texture of acrylics.