28 July, 2018

What about nudity

My question is simple, I know there are rules regarding nudes and I am curious as to what they are. Can I for example show a partial body excluding gentialia and chests/breasts?



RQ Trietsch 28 Jul 2018

Show as much as you want , but no nipples, or genitalia

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Aug 2018

Here is our official policy on this topic...

Prohibited Artwork - Artwork that is not permitted on our website includes, but is not limited to: Any artwork containing full or frontal nudity, female nipples, genitals, naked butts or butt cracks, sex/erotic/pornographic images, extreme gore or any other artwork that may be considered adult/mature/offensive in nature. Artwork containing offensive profanity in the art or title may also be removed. Images containing advertisements, commercial website links or other types of spam will also be removed. We reserve the right to delete any artwork posted to ArtWanted.com that we feel does not meet our policies.

Mark Peterson 13 Aug 2018

Who is the judge on what is tasteful or not? Is it just a matter of opinion? Tasteful nude work can be very beautiful and I agree with the rules to a point. I do agree that genitals of either sex should not be seen here... But I do think a women's breast should be allowed if done tastefully.