27 July, 2018

Vanishing Artwork

For those of you in my group ( For The Love Of Abstract ) I am having some technical difficulty with artwork vanishing at random every time one is uploaded to the group... I apologize for this and have notified the staff a few days ago but have yet to hear back from them, but I am sure it will all be worked out soon. Again I am very sorry about this and hope you will continue to upload artwork to the group



Adam Lerch 27 Jul 2018

i have also noticed that some works of art dont make ut to the daily page for some reason.

Mark Peterson 28 Jul 2018

You can post as many as you want to Adam but only up to three works will show on the daily page.

Adam Lerch 29 Jul 2018

thats not all. My comments have vanished. I cant search for my own art or at least I dont find it. This website is kind of buggy at its places.

Mark Peterson 29 Jul 2018

Many people hide their comments from public view Adam... your comment is there and the artist sees it but you can't. It takes a while to get the hang of things around here. Be patient and you will figure it all out.

Adam Lerch 29 Jul 2018

aha okay, Well I like it so far. seems to be a nice place.

Nira Dabush 30 Jul 2018

Good luck...

Mark Peterson 31 Jul 2018

I contacted the staff on 7-26 and still have not heard back from them about this issue. I want to try an be patient and hope that you all can be patient as well. I'll give them a few more days and if I don't hear from them I will contact them again. Thank you every one.

Mark Peterson 01 Aug 2018

So I am growing a little frustrated here with the fact that the staff has still not fixed my group or have contacted me. So I sent them another message. Let's see if anything happens now.

Mark Peterson 05 Aug 2018

After telling you all who is in my group to be patient I myself have grown very inpatient... I first contacted them on the 26 of last month and have yet to see my group fixed or heard from them. This is getting to be ridiculous and I see know reason why they find it unimportant to fix this issue or to even contact me. The staff has not promptly taken action in one to two business days as they promise.

Ron Bedsole 08 Aug 2018

I know your frustration Mark, that's the kind of crap I am talking about in my post, this site is apparently in the graveyard, I also sent a message to staff a week ago or more and have not had a reply either. Good luck to you in getting one, have fun!

Mark Peterson 10 Aug 2018

I have written to the staff three times now about the problem with my group and have yet to see it fixed or hear from them... That's not exactly professional for a professional site... I first contacted them on the 26th of last month. Is there anyone home behind my screen or did they all go on vacation at the same time?

ArtWanted.com Staff 16 Aug 2018

Mark, per our response this week, our engineers are still looking into the issue with the art group and hope to have it resolved soon.

Mark Peterson 16 Aug 2018

Thank you for the response AW...

Emilia Misiura 18 Aug 2018

Problem with my Link Below.

http://www.ArtWanted.com/EmiliaMisiura Here is my link, but when friends click on it, it goes to Emilia Georgieva, Why?

I had this problem for some time now. Please help.

P.S. It works sometimes but more often it does not, Especially when they click on my first name in my link.