14 July, 2018

no response to feedback

I have noticed that quite a few artists do not respond to comments to their artwork, not sure why that is but I think it is rude. If someone is kind enough to comment on your work the very least you could do is to say thanks, I understand not wanting to get carried away with a lengthy overdone response, but just "thanks" doesn't seem to much to ask. So for you who this applies to why not give it a try, it really doesn't hurt and might even feel good, who knows. Thanks for reading.



RQ Trietsch 15 Jul 2018

I totally agree. Today's society has become the "me me" society and manners like morality have gone by the wayside.

Mark Peterson 17 Jul 2018

I always try to respond with a thank you Ron, but on occasion I will miss one...

Ron Bedsole 18 Jul 2018

yes Mark, you do, I'm not talking about some one who misses one occasionally I've probably done that myself, I'm referring to those who seem to never respond.

Yury Yanin 18 Jul 2018

Dear Ron, I understand your feelings only too well. Yes, it is my fault. I seldom visited AW lately and didn’t reply to some of your comments. And yes, some people never respond. I also never respond on many other sites, where I show my art. I just rarely even look into there. It is bad, but it is as it is. It doesn’t mean that I do not feel a sincere gratitude for your kind comments. My grandson – Nick Yanin -- was also very proud to receive your comment for one of his first artworks, but he did not reply too – he doesn’t know English enough yet. Be sure we see and appreciate your efforts to wake up this sleeping community on AW. THANK YOU once and for all, this time and forever even when we fail to express our gratitude in words!

Ron Bedsole 18 Jul 2018

Hi Yury, many thanks for your kind response. I had not considered that there might be someone like your grandson who was unable to respond because of a lack of English knowledge, thank you for pointing that out to me. There are many who just ignore responding, not really sure why but what can we do right? Have a nice day!!

Yury Yanin 23 Jul 2018

Thanks Ron. It is always a pleasure for me to communicate with people from all over the world. Unfortunately, I seldom have time for it. A mere “thank you” often seems to me as if not enough to express my gratitude. It is not an explanation or a conversation, it is the end, not the beginning. It is too little and formal a reply - something like routinely pushing some Impersonal button instead of expressing real feelings. However, I understand that a comment mustn’t grow up into a conversation. May be some people also feel like that, they underestimate formal signs of gratitude, and think that “thanks” means too little and is not very important.

Vincent von Frese 24 Jul 2018

Like Yuri made so clearly it is often time that prevents regular visiting to the ArtWanted site therefor a comment might be missed. I believe every artist appreciated the comments weathe4 or not they replied. Since i5 takes time to get to know each other please give it some time.

Nira Dabush 01 Aug 2018

Hello Ron... If we post we sure appreciate comments and the time it takes. I am not sure how often you post. Anyway... As for my experience in AW especially... I started posting here in 2004... Long time ago, the active artists are different.. I used to thank every comment. I used to post every day, a post or more.. years.. There were times I received 40 comments every day, or more.. I understood that for me, coming back to "your work", or other artist work with giving you back comments..= It is like send thanks. There were times I replied, every comment.. I have the choice to post or not to post, since it takes much time... And so I decided... If I get a comment I give back a comment. TIMING... TIME... Its a matter of time really. Some artists do efforts to comment... not all. Time is needed to create and FOR LIFE.. SO.. Don't take it personally. The site was much more active in the past... it changed completely... I used to visit the forums only sometimes.. since i was busy.. and i visit rarely also noways.. TIME. I used to get 30-40 replies in the forums.. I see some view my latest post.. no one reply.. I am not disappointment at all... I see it as change... What come next.. come for the BEST. GOOD LUCK...

Nira Dabush 01 Aug 2018

Ron Bedsole 01 Aug 2018

thanks Nira for your response, I have made a decision myself, I will be commenting very seldom from now on, as they say"if you can't beat them, join them". If that's the way it is here now then that's fine, I'll just do the same as the rest, have a nice day! Ron

Nira Dabush 02 Aug 2018

Ron hello again.. You should do what suitable for you. People are all busy with life, some less busy.. But anyway, people visit AW, as much as needed or wish... I wish you happy and safe stay...

Mark Peterson 02 Aug 2018

It's pretty slow and dead here Ron, not like back in 2007 when I joined... but even back then after a while I left for quiet a few years. Recently back after a long absence I find a lot of good art and inspiring art but I don't see anyone working to see how we can get this site moving. I contacted the staff on the 26th with a problem and I still haven't heard from them. I think it's really hard for people to be here because the atmosphere isn't exactly jumping if you know what I mean. It can be discouraging but all you can do is keep going just as I am doing.

Ron Bedsole 02 Aug 2018

yes, I hear you Mark, thank you for your response.

Scott DuBar 21 Aug 2018

I think part of the problem may be due to people having too many places to post their artwork, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. It can be hard to keep up with for someone who is actively sharing their work on these various platforms.

For me, it usually means I forget to post on one or two of them. It can also mean that some, like ArtWanted, get forgotten altogether for months at a time.

Even so, I always make sure to post a reply to anyone kind enough to comment on my work even if I'm not able to respond quickly.

Al Budarin 31 Aug 2018

Myself I try to respond , & I like to comment , at times the image is something I'm familiar with or it fascinates me as AW is a learning experience ,I learn from others, as I've never had any formal instructions in Art,We have so much Talent in AW,I enjoy seeing the new images on AW,especially landscapes ,Floral or Photography,At times my Notification doesn't work properly ,but I do try to respond ,Yes there are ones that Don't.As a Beekeeper I mostly enjoy the photos of Floral & insect photography ,& many images I can relate to ,I very much enjoy AW,& the many Crafts & Artistry the members display