01 June, 2018

Featured Image

Attention AW Staff; I submitted a concern and have yet to see a reply. 1st the picture keeps getting changed that is my feature picture. Now i was checking my group as the administrator and it doesn't even show any of my drawings or photos. What is going on is this normal? if so, why was this not explained? or if it isn't could you please fix the prob;lem and let me know, Thank you.



Mark Peterson 15 days ago

I have to keep changing my pic for my group back as well Dale, also my group doesn't even show. So I'm pretty sure no one even knows it is there. It's called For The Love Of Abstract.

Dale Newman 13 days ago

Well, I am wondering why AW staff haven't answered my concern and now your input. We are supposed to have admin control to the groups and our photos I would think shouldn't be removed for any reason?

ArtWanted.com Staff 11 days ago

Dale, the "Member Discussions" topics are usually for conversations between members, so we do not monitor this as closely for tech support related issues. It's preferred to submit support tickets and contact us directly with these type of issues. However, per our latest discussion, we will have our developers look into this issue with the featured images and get back with you. Thanks

Dale Newman 8 days ago

Thank You, I think I posted it on the members discussion area before I found the proper forum, thanks again.