27 May, 2018

problems with software rejecting uploads

is anyone having difficulty with uploading their art? i am having many of my photographs rejected because the software isn't set to accept large files and i am unwilling to do extra work to resize my work to accomodate a piece of the software. the old software accepted everything ...it doesn't now.... my point is the new software should be modified to accept our art not cause us additional work. my customers want files as large as i can shoot them (some are utilized for billboards so they must be able to be greatly enlarged) what is your opinion? thanks tom



Dale Newman 12 days ago

Thomas, I don't know how long ago you tried to upload your work, I tried the other day and it did as you described , however, I noticed after two tries a reference to the old load format. When I did that it gave me the option of individual or multiple uploads and it loaded up with very little effort.

ArtWanted.com Staff 11 days ago

Thanks for your feedback. The technology partner we work with recently put a cap of 20 MB on the file uploader that we are using in the new control panel. We are working with them to either remove the limitation or to use a new uploader that does not have this limit. We expect these changes to be made soon to the website, stay tuned.