21 May, 2018

New Web Law

Soon we will have a new law for Internet in Europe:


In short it means you can't share anything that is not rightfully yours but you must have specific permision from the rightful owner to share.

In some of my picture description I had added music, mostly from YouTube.

For the time being I have removed all the links to the movies from my page, as I don't want to get into trouble with the internet cops. :)

I thought it would be wise to tell you this in case you didn't know and maybe can Artwanted tell us too, what is and what is not allowed on our pages, because this is after all en American site and I don't know exactly the rules for the USA.



Ron Bedsole 25 days ago

Anneke, do you mean like sharing a video on facebook in Europe will not be allowed or from a news article? If so I sure hope that doesn't happen here. ok I read the article and it seems it has more to do with the sharing of peoples personal information, which I'm certainly in favor of, at least that's what I got from the article.

Anneke Hut 25 days ago

Yes, I think so too, that it is mostly about sharing pictures from people. Many people on Facebook share photos they made, with other people on it.

Ron Bedsole 25 days ago

yes I do it all the time on facebook