13 May, 2018

Print-on-Demand: how do I order mugs?

I can't figure out how to order mugs with my paintings, now. I previously ordered mugs; at the time, it was necessary to re-upload my images to do so. Now - ???

I tried going from my dashboard, to the Print Program under Premium Features, and then clicking on the Products tab; there's a table with the different products - mousepad, various mugs, etc.; the image of each product is clickable, but this only results in the very same table reloading, rather than bringing up (for instance) a page for a particular format of mug where I can then upload my image and place my order.

I then looked at the page for the piece of art I want to use; no link there, that I can find, that will let me order a mug with this image on it. Nor can any of my viewers, as far as I can tell.

What's going on? How do I do this?


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Anneke Hut 14 May 2018

Hi Eileen, on my page there are purchase options next to my pictures, I don't see that on your page.