10 May, 2018


Back years ago nudity was not allowed, but now I see it all the time. I am just recently back after years of absence... is nudity allowed now on Art Wanted?



RQ Trietsch 11 May 2018

I don't think it's allowed, still. Some posted just takes longer for AW to see them and remove them. I still think it's one the downfall of AW for not allowing "tasteful" nudity. But there is always that one person who wants to beyond what is acceptable (porn type posts).

Mark Peterson 11 May 2018

You're right there is always that one... I have a few nudes I would like to post... nothing of porn style, but I guess it is subjective just like all the other art.

Ron Bedsole 22 days ago

you're right of course, it doesn't matter if someone is offended or not, who cares right?

Barbara Keith 18 days ago

Odd.. seeing as some of the greatest artists in the world did nudes.. it's kind of a staple. It's one of the greatest ways to learn about anatomy and to see how wrong it can go. Most other sites I'm on do allow "tasteful" nudes to be uploaded. Maybe Art Wanted doesn't see it that way.