06 April, 2018
  • Mark Peterson
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It would be nice to see what I have commented on and be able to go back to that comment and further the conversation with that artist.



Ron Bedsole 02 May 2018

yes, me too Mark, I commented on one of your post a few days back and it mysteriously, disappeared, I wonder why, hmmmmmmm……..oh well. In fact I tried to email you and it was blocked, I don't know why..... Ron

ArtWanted.com Staff 03 May 2018

Mark - Inside your control panel is a FEEDBACK GIVEN page, which shows all of the comments you have made to others. You can click on those comments and be taken right back to the discussion to continue your comments if you like. Here is the link. Is this what you were looking for?


Mark Peterson 03 May 2018

Yes I found that, but it does not allow me to comment again... Going through email is so in-direct when it would be so much easier to talk to an artist directly here on his or her profile about their work or a particular piece.

ArtWanted.com Staff 04 May 2018

Ok, thanks for the clarification and for posting this idea.