01 April, 2018

Posting Jpegs

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i have NEVER had any problem posting to my site...now I am getting a message that the file is too large....why?



Bethany Jackson 07 Oct 2018

I know, it's super annoying. I have to "optimize" EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE. That I want to upload. This is an art website, and I feel like it should be able to handle large uploads. None of the other art sites I use have this problem. Many times the old uploader will work for me, but I can't recall if it works for me 100% of the time.

Ivo Depauw 08 Oct 2018

Hi Thomas, I always use JPEG-files in 200 dpi, and I never had a problem

Dale Newman 13 Oct 2018

i have been having a similar problem some of my images are being rejected because they meet a certain size , like when i was building my calendar

ArtWanted.com Staff 06 Mar 2019

Back in December an update was made to the image uploader to accept much larger images. You should no longer have this problem.