24 March, 2018

Loggin in...and out

Am I missing something?

When I first come to the ArtWanted site, I cannot find a direct login link. Apparently, we have to now click the control panel dropdown and then manage portfolio or something.

Yes, a very brief "Login" link appears at the top of the page and then instantly disappears. What's with that?

And once in m y account--I cannot find a logout link anywhere. Help!?



Floater 24 Mar 2018

Yes, agreed. Easy to find "log in" & "log out"?

Jill Edwards 25 Mar 2018

The problem has to do with the way the div with the login link and social links are coded in the ArtWanted page.

Apparently I cannot post to code snippet to explain.

ArtWanted==please separate the Login link (and for that matter the Logout link as well) and put into its own div so that blocking cookies from facebook and twitter in my browser settings will not make the Login link disappear.

ArtWanted.com Staff 26 Mar 2018

Thanks for your feedback on the login/logout buttons. We will review what we have now and see how it can be improved.