21 March, 2018
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Upgraded Security to SSL/HTTPS

We always want to be improving the trust and confidence our members have while visiting the ArtWanted.com website. We have just completed the upgrade to make ArtWanted even more safe & secure than ever before.

We have always been running the highest level of security on our credit card pages, but now this has been greatly expanded! This new upgrade to SSL/HTTPS for ArtWanted means that all your sensitive data such as usernames, passwords, emails and personal information is further encrypted while surfing the ArtWanted.com website. That is not all, we have converted the entire website to use this secure technology, so every page of ArtWanted has the same level of security & data encryption for your protection.

Clicking on the ArtWanted logo in the top header or when logging in will always take you to the most secure version of our website. You may notice a new green padlock icon in your browser bar that indicates your data is securely encrypted while on ArtWanted (like these).

This upgrade is also backwards compatible, so you can access ArtWanted at HTTP or HTTPS protocol. This is great, because if you have any links on social media or other websites to your ArtWanted content, those links will still work just fine without any problems.

For additional information about how our site protects your personal data, check out our Policies page.



Ginger Olansen 21 Mar 2018

YES, YES!! I AM SO THRILLED!!!! Now I feel so much safer, better, happier! Wow!! You are becoming the BEST photo site, You really care about your members! Great job!

ArtWanted.com Staff 21 Mar 2018

Thanks Ginger!

Stefani Wehner 02 Apr 2018

Million Thanks for doing this........feel much more safer now!!!

Daniel H. Levin 04 Apr 2018

Glad to see this improvement.

Sigridur Bachmann 13 Apr 2018

Thank you ! Great improvement ! Bravo !

Dale Newman 15 May 2018

My thanks to the staff for always thinking about the members and their security

ArtWanted.com Staff 11 Dec 2018

On a related note, we have upgraded ArtWanted this month to ONLY be accessed via secure links. If the older non-secure pages are bookmarked or linked to, the user will be auto-forwarded to the secure version of the page for the highest security.