20 March, 2018

Rule List for resolution of photos

I recently read this week that AW uses the photo resolution of 72 on the main site and only changes this to the highest resolution for printing purposes which is 300? Can you have a list to clarify this somewhere so we know what you want? I make my photos at the resolution of 300 and send to you. If I could keep it at 72 the file would take up less space on my laptop, Do you take "png." files? I keep a png file for the best photos so the resolution never diminishes with each save. Please tell what you want for resolution on a rules list (is there one)? Thanks.

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ArtWanted.com Staff 21 Mar 2018

Ginger - The good news for you is that you don't need to worry about DPI when uploading to ArtWanted. We take whatever image you give to us, and we will make sure it looks it's best. DPI is an irrelevant term on the web anyway, as your monitor is the hardware that limits your DPI, not the files you browse on the Internet. DPI (dots per inch) is mostly used for print terminology. The general rule is to upload the highest resolution file that you have to ArtWanted.

Pixels, resolution, file size, quality, DPI, PPI. megapixels and other terms dealing with this topic are sometimes hard to grasp, so we think it's a great idea to have an article that explains all these terms for everyone. We hope more people can see this idea and vote it up.

You should always store at least one copy of the the highest possible resolution files that you have and make a backup of that file as well. It's easy to downsize your high-resolution files to lower-resolution, but images look ugly if you only have a low-res version and try to make it bigger. You never know when you might need a high-resolution version of your image, so always keep one on hand.

Yes, ArtWanted does accept PNG files for upload. We will resize all images over 750 pixels wide/tall to this size to display them on the website. We do not display or allow others to download your high-resolution images. We do convert non-JPG images to JPG files for the thumbnail images we use on the website, but your original PNG file will be displayed when looking at the larger version.

If you have any other questions, shoot us a support ticket and we can help you out.