17 March, 2018


I have been a member for a long time, set up my page with a couple of paintings and then forgot all about it.

I just came back this month and have started to be more active and I am thinking of becoming a paying member.

Is there a way of seeing how many sales other artists make? I wasn't able to see what commissions if any artwanted takes on sales, is it possible to see that? Thanks much!



ArtWanted.com Staff 17 Mar 2018

Lenore, welcome back to ArtWanted. We are happy to see you getting more involved.

At this time we do not disclose sales figures or list artists with sales on a public report. We feel this information is sensitive and private, so it's only disclosed to the individual selling artist. We can say that we have sales every day on ArtWanted.

As for commissions, this depends if you are doing the fulfillment or if it's through the Premium Print on Demand program. If you are providing the art and shipping it to the buyer, ArtWanted does not take any sales commission. This is normally done via PayPal and outside the ArtWanted system, so you each 100% of each sale.

If you are using the Premium Print on Demand program and you sell a print/product, then ArtWanted handles the printing and shipping of the product. You will earn a commission, based on your defined retail price and the product which was ordered.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Lenore McNamara 17 Mar 2018

Thanks for getting back to me so fast! I went ahead and signed up for Premium. I plan on trying out your POD program.

If I sell an original piece through your program, I am not sure how that works, I would be doing the shipping then. You had something about putting my Pay Pal email address up, not sure what address you mean there. On one of the other sites that I am on, there is a Pay Pal button the customer can press, then they pay and I am notified by email that I made a sale.

ArtWanted.com Staff 17 Mar 2018

Thanks for your upgrade.

Yes, if you have a PayPal account and you add your PayPal email address to your Contact Information (link: http://www.artwanted.com/cp/settings/contactinfo.cfm) then you will see a button on the artwork to purchase it, which goes directly to PayPal for the payment.

Check out our Policies page for more information on selling your art:


Lenore McNamara 17 Mar 2018

Thanks! I am not sure what the PayPal email address is. I do have a PayPal account. They send me notices through my regular email address. Sorry to be dense!

Dawn Jones 13 Dec 2018

The email address that your paypal notifications come through is the same email address you would put in your paypal email address in your settings. I hope you've had luck selling on this website!

Lori McNamara 13 Dec 2018

Thanks Dawn,

I had no sales so I pretty much gave up on the site. Haven't been active since March I guess. It looked like the only hits I was getting was from other artists.