15 January, 2018

Digital Art

How is Digital Art different from Traditional Art,First of all,Traditional Art is Physical,it's something you can send.ell,feel,with all your senses,both during the creation process & later when it's finished.You don't only see the art,but also it's physical,this makes the ART More complete, More real,more Full filling,more Yours,that can be created & See.Its one of a kind,It can't be copied magically,it gives it value,it's yours ,you own it.I believe AW should put Digital Art into a different Category,it shouldn't be on the same playing field as Traditional Art,like Photography ,,,,Art members Displaying,posting there ART should have to DISCLOSE if it's DIGITAL Many DONT,,,so members commenting on the ART have no idea it's digital ,giving it very high marks as though it was TRADITIONAL ART,,,,I've had some of my ART friends look at the ART feed,,some in the top 25 rank,,,those posting ART,that's Digital should Identify it as that,,,,Complete Honesty in disclosing it as Digital,,,some Don't,,,it's like Passing it off,no one knows the difference ,Digital Art is Beautiful but Let the members know it's digital,AW should make the changes,,,& those doing Digital Art,& posting it,& not Identifying it as such,I enjoy Looking at Digital Art it's Progress ,it's the Future,but the Two should be Separated ,this is my Opinion



Anneke Hut 17 Jan 2018

I have also seen that very often, Al. I do not want to express a judgment on which of the two is more valuable. I think they are all good and also that it is all art.

I agree with you that people have to add what the medium is that they used, be it traditional, digital or mixed media. I always wonder why people do not. You never actually see that a traditional artist calls his art digital, while you have a lot of digital art called oils or acrylics.

Ginger Olansen 20 Jan 2018

I agree that all artist that do digital work should state it and not pass it off as anything else. It is sometimes hard to tell, most cannot tell but an artist usually can. I always state if my work is digital. I have done artwork then done digital background effects behind it and even state that. So AW members start being honest with your digital's, if they are digitally made. Thanks.

Mark Peterson 26 Mar 2018

I see a lot posted as Art other than digital which is obviously digital... some are trying to deceive and others are confused. To an experienced digital artist such as myself you can't put it off as oil painting etc...

Mark Peterson 27 Mar 2018

You will notice by looking at my work that I always post what program I use, I just want to be honest,,, If I make a digital piece that looks like an oil painting I still want people to know I did it with a computer program, Just like any artist the Digital artist takes pride and enjoys what they do just as much as traditional artist.

Vincent von Frese 09 Apr 2018

All the same digital in a file or canvas and paint. Artists have a record of the work. Great artists of history have modern digital files to be printed.

Scott DuBar 21 Aug 2018

As a digital artist, I have to say I find the language being used here fairly distressing. To say that artists who work digitally should be "honest" about how their work was created is itself dishonest. Let me assure you that there is absolutely nothing dishonest about being a digital artist. Most digital artists working professionally today have a background in traditional media. When I attended art school, traditional media was taught as a foundation for how to use digital tools and media effectively.

All of the traditional art being posted here has already been digitized. It became digital art the moment you scanned it or photographed it. Otherwise, how could it even be shown online? It can be reproduced just as easily on a variety of products as artwork created entirely on computer. Just because you created your art traditionally doesn't make it any more real or more fulfilling, except perhaps in your own mind.

You may very well value traditional art more than digital, that's a perfectly valid opinion, but please don't misuse a community meant for all artists by denigrating out of hand an entire medium as well as the people who enjoy working in that medium. It's really no more appropriate than to come here and bash people as being dishonest for using a digital camera rather than film. Or drawing or painting using photographic references instead of working only from life. What if professional artists came here and bashed all the amateurs and students, calling them dishonest for claiming their work to be art at all?

Let's try to remember that we are all artists here.

Mark Peterson 21 Aug 2018

On this site it is Identified as such Al... those who post digital art as oil, acrylic etc... and I see a lot of that here are only fooling themselves. I am an experienced digital artist and know the difference. And I agree with Scott on many levels... we are all artist regardless of how we choose to create it. Paint, digital, camera. Art is art regardless of the tool...

Dale Newman 22 Aug 2018

Lets all remember that art is the expression of one who witness reality in there own way and creates the representations thru the medium that best suits them, all of which contributes to the beautiful pieces in all different mediums that make up the classification of "ART".

Mark Peterson 22 Aug 2018

Well said Dale... Thank you!

Rosemary Gioielli 23 Aug 2018

I have often seen traditional art that does not state the medium, and have had to ask "what medium ?"....Acrylic? Oil? ...it's not that the artist is being deceptive...is that artist trying to pass off acrylic as oil?...lol... Digital art will never replace traditional art, it's apples and oranges, is this the fear? It will never happen...traditional art will always be as it's always been.... Digital art programs are complex and not everyone can do it, or do it well. You have to know the principles of design just the same - such as composition, balance etc....sure there are tools that can create patterns etc, so a leg up there...... but you have to know how to use them...and the computer is not really doing all the work,,,it's not a magic button that your press and the art appears..... are you saying that's all well and fine , just stop pretending it's real art? Should I say that to a traditional artist when they neglect to label the medium? I do both and am a traditional artist first...haven't you wanted to try all different types of mediums? it's fun! ....It's almost like you're accusing digital artists of being less than, and this "competition" has been seen before. There is no competition.

Mark Peterson 23 Aug 2018

You are right Rosemary... digital art is not magic by pressing some buttons and not every one is talented enough to do it... digital artist such as myself have been coming under fire for years. I do disagree with one thing you said... and that is that digital art isn't real art. Any one who uses imagination to create something is an artist in my book regardless of tools used. Art comes from our soul and makes us feel good and that is all that matters.

Rosemary Gioielli 24 Aug 2018

Hi Mark, I didn't say digital art isn't real art . I was asking if it was being suggested that digital art isn't real art. I would never say that...

Mark Peterson 24 Aug 2018

Sorry Rosemary... I misunderstood you. I do think a lot of people are saying that. But I won't let the opinions of some others upset me or stop me from doing what I truly enjoy. Digital is my choice for expression regardless of those who say it isn't real art. Thanks for coming into this thread and expressing how you feel about this. I appreciate that!

Ron Bedsole 28 Aug 2018

I agree with you Al and Anneke also made a good point