03 December, 2017

Log in/out

I'm totally fed up with the fact that I'm logged out at all the times that I don't expect it. Especially the randomnes of it! If you would log me out every midnight, I would be aware, but this not knowing ending up in anonymous comments is really very annoying.



ArtWanted.com Staff 04 Dec 2017

Anneke - We are sorry about your frustration. The default login period is 7 days from the time you login. After these 7 days, you will need to login again. This is longer than most websites, which normally expire their logins after 24 hours.

There are many signs that you are not logged in that you can watch for. 1) Your name will not appear in the top header text. 2) You will see a LOGIN link in the header, instead of LOGOUT. 3) In the box you comment on, it shows that it will post as Anonymous, instead of your name.

If you watch for any of these signs, you will know that it's time to login again. We don't have the ability to automatically log you out at a certain time or change the login settings per user, but if you think this is bugging other users, please post your suggested changes to the IDEAS section of the site and let see what the other members feel about this as well. Changes are made through the Ideas area, so we encourage you to use that. Thanks.

Anneke Hut 04 Dec 2017

Dear Staff, thank you for the answer. On all other sites that I'm a member of I never need to log in and I didn't need it here either earlier. I'm glad that you explain that it will happen every 7 days, now I can take that in account.

I have already posted this in the idea category on September 17th with this message::

Dear Artwanted, I would like to stay logged in on this site. I post a lot of anonymous comments lately, because for years I never needed to watch whether I was logged in or not.

I don't know what changed, but it's really annoying that I'm logged out all the time.

Anneke Hut 04 Dec 2017

I've been thinking a little more about this thing. I'm only logged out when I want to comment.

What wonders me is that I don't need to log in, these last months I've never seen a log in button. And because of that, to get signed in I just clicked my "members area", went back to the picture on which I wanted to comment and then the anonymous button was gone on the commentboard.

So my conclusion is, that I was logged in all the time BUT not on the commentboards of my friends and I don't know but that seems like a bug to me?

Ginger Olansen 05 Dec 2017

I hear your frustration! I have had it happen a couple of times just when I get to contacting someone and there I am anonymous and so surprised. Had to sign in again!

Joanie Holliday 06 Dec 2017

I Never log out and yet AW will log me out .. I don't like it and want them to leave it along. If I choose to log out I will do it on my own... So understand your frustration .... Leave the Log out option alone AW.. Thank you.