01 December, 2017
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Create and Sell Your Own 2018 Wall Calendars!

With the upcoming year just around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to release a new product that has been asked for by many of our members. All ArtWanted artists can now create and sell their own 2018 wall calendars that feature your own artwork/photos!

Calendar Details

The calendars are 11” wide by 8.5” tall when closed. They are spiral bound together and are printed on a heavy 110# cardstock paper. Each month will feature a different image that you have created. Your images will look amazing!

The process to create a calendar couldn’t be easier. Simply upload your 12 high-resolution images plus your front cover image and you’re done! We take care of all the rest for you, including creating the master calendar template, printing the calendars and shipping them to the buyer. You will collect a sales commission from every calendar you sell.

The retail price of the calendar is $20 (USD), but you can even change the retail price of your own calendar if you want. The wholesale cost to print each calendar is $16, so any amount above that is your profit. You can even buy your own calendars at the low wholesale price. Funds will be deposited into your ArtWanted bank account after the product ships, and you can use those funds for any ArtWanted purchase or request a payment via PayPal/check.

The calendar will be promoted on your portfolio page with a new “2018 Calendar” icon. This portfolio page will talk about the calendar, display all of the monthly images and have a button for visitors to purchase your calendar.

Calendar Image Requirements:

  • For the highest quality product, we suggest using at least 300 dpi images (no less than 100 dpi accepted). Pixel dimensions of 3450 pixels wide x 2700 pixels tall is ideal.
  • Wide landscape orientation images are preferred over vertical images.
  • Images will be printed with a full-bleed, so some minor cropping on the edges will occur. Keep all critical details at least 1/2" in from the edge of the product dimensions.
  • Creating Your Calendar

    After you have decided which images you want to have on the calendar and prepared the images, head over to our Calendar Builder page to upload your images and set your retail price.

    Calendar Summary

    We hope you enjoy this new ArtWanted feature take advantage of it by creating your own custom calendar for 2018. The calendars are great for home or office and make a great gift. Post a reply with your feedback on this new product and let's see what you create!

    Create Your Calendar Now

    NOTE: Sample Calendar images by Ted Hammond - Member since 2003



    Page Turner 06 Dec 2017

    i can't gget this feature to work. please help.

    Ranefox 06 Dec 2017

    This is a great idea, just in time for holiday shopping.

    My concern, once all images have been uploaded, is that I cannot preview calendar before publishing.

    Are the images supposed to appear in the image icon to the left of the month? If so, my images are not appearing.

    Time is of the essence, need a reply soon. Thanks...

    Ranefox 06 Dec 2017

    I've submitted my calendar, yet, there is nothing to indicate that my calendar is loaded, nor is there a new icon on my portfolio to indicate such option.

    What is the turnaround time between submitting photos using calendar builder, and receiving notification that the calendar is ready for viewing, etc?

    Rosanna DeShetler 06 Dec 2017

    Whats the cut off date for the calendar? I didn't see anything about it in the email.

    Thanh Hoang Cong 06 Dec 2017

    This is a great idea - I have successfully uploaded my calendar, I can see it - but suppose a buyer wants to search for the calendars then where can he search? I cannot see other artists' calendars also!

    ArtWanted.com Staff 07 Dec 2017

    Thanks for the comments everyone, here are our replies...

    Page - It looks like you were able to figure out things. Your calendar can be viewed/purchased here: http://www.artwanted.com/artist.cfm?ArtID=72838&Tab=Calendar

    Ranefox - There must have been a problem submitting your images, as we have not received any on our end. Please try again, submitting one image at a time and see if that works. You should see the preview after each upload.

    Rosanna - There is no cut off date, you can create your calendar anytime you want to. The sooner the better. We will still give you the option to sell your calendar into the new year.

    Thanh - Your calendar looks great. We wanted to get a few calendars built, before we promoted them on the general site. We will be doing that within the next few days.

    Ranefox 07 Dec 2017

    Note: The Page Turner account is no longer valid. (http://www.artwanted.com/browse/?ArtistNotFound=72838&Reason=NoImages).

    Thanks, I received the email addressing my issue. I have since tried again, disabled all of my blockers, and still no preview image appeared.

    Ginger Olansen 08 Dec 2017

    Well I put 4 orders in so you know how I thought about it. Great Christmas presents even perfect for the New Year. I hope I get them in time! Great idea Staff at AW! Give the one that thought it up a free one! LOL!

    Ranefox 08 Dec 2017

    Great news, Ginger! Please let us know when you receive them. I recently created a calendar at another online printing source, and that was cool to see my pictures in print.

    Literally, about a week after I received those calendars (test runs), the opportunity to have a bit more creative license with the AW calendar appeared! How very exciting!

    ArtWanted.com Staff 10 Dec 2017

    With all of the calendars being created, we thought it would be cool to have a new page created to view the artist calendars. We have created this new Browse Calendars page and it's promoted on our Home Page and Browse pages. Here is the direct link...

    Browse Calendars

    Linda Gillespie 13 Dec 2017

    I created a calendar and locally I have gotten a lot of positive response. I don't know if they intend on purchasing any copies but I do know they have comments like (less wild)! My question, how many calendars can we create? I was thinking of creating one out of photos. Would that be possible?

    Ginger Olansen 13 Dec 2017

    I was thinking of that too. I don't think they care but the question is will they show access to two calendars?

    Ginger Olansen 13 Dec 2017

    To AW the calendar came out super! Everyone please order one or more! Thank you! Our family has their new calendars for next year!

    ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Dec 2017

    At this time, our system is only setup to create one calendar per artist. However, we have had a few artists request to create more than one calendar, so we will work on that feature over the next year and plan to have multiple calendar ability for next year's calendars.

    Ginger, we are so happy that you like how your calendars turned out! Thanks for sharing.

    Ranefox 13 Dec 2017

    Here's a thought...what if we updated the images. Still one calendar....older versions can be repeated if images are saved to recreate the original calendar. That will provide an option for having more than one.

    Also, we can buy quantity of our own and sell them too...

    ArtWanted.com Staff 14 Dec 2017

    It is possible to create one calendar, order that calendar for yourself, then upload replacement images to create a second calendar. However, our system was not designed to store more than one calendar's worth of images or allow more than one to be viewed/purchased. There is a lot on the backend that would need to change to allow this feature, but we do like the idea and we will have it ready for next year.

    Ranefox 15 Dec 2017

    You wouldn't have to store more than the 12 or 13 (cover) images. There is only one calendar...for example... With the new added images, I have a different calendar...Lets say I order 25 calendars...then I change/update some of the images...and I have some different images on the same calendar.

    ArtWanted.com Staff 22 Dec 2017

    We have had several people request to see their calendars promoted even more on their ArtWanted portfolios, so we have done just that.

    If you have created a 2018 calendar, we now highlight the calendar at the top of your portfolio gallery in a large call-to-action banner. We have also added a note about your calendar to the right of each of your large portfolio images.

    These two changes will bring more attention to your calendar and should help bring in additional calendar sales for you.

    We will leave these calendar highlights on your portfolio through the end of January 2018. However, if you want them removed sooner, just let us know and we can hide them on your portfolio.

    Clifton DeMeco 28 Dec 2017

    The calendar came out beautifully! I am so impressed with the quality. Thank you

    cervantes wu 09 Dec 2018

    I have submitted images but I don't know how to know if my calendar has been formed

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