11 November, 2017
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Introducing Bounce Site!

ArtWanted.com has created a new sister website to solve a challenge we have seen with our creative members who use multiple websites to promote their work.

The new website is called Bounce Site, and here's why we created it...


    Most artists/photographers have multiple websites to showcase their work on, because each website offers different features and audience. Between your personal website, your social media websites, your community portfolios (like ArtWanted) and your product store websites, you have many places to see your artwork. These websites are normally very disconnected and rarely does a fan know of each of them.

    It's challenging, tacky and confusing to list a handful of websites on your business card, voice mail or e-mail signature when promoting your work. Also, many apps/websites (like Instagram) only allow you to link to ONE website, which leaves all your other websites unknown to your followers. What can an artist do?


    You need a single website that promotes and links to ALL of the websites that feature your artwork. A website URL that is easy to remember and simple to share with others. A website that is simple to update and to add/remove links on. A website that is free for life and is always updated with the latest place to see your artwork. This solution has just been created and we want you to participate.
    The solution is Bounce Site!

This new web site helps creative people link all of their various websites and social media pages together. This will improve fan experience and lead to more traffic and potential art sales. This new website is also free to all ArtWanted members!

Click the link below to learn more about Bounce Site or sign-up to get your own personal Bounce Site for free. As an ArtWanted member, we will automatically import your ArtWanted portfolio and official website link when you create your Bounce Site.

Visit BounceSite.com



Yury Yanin 11 Nov 2017

Brilliant idea! Impressive general design, site cover, functions and options!

Being impressed like that and trying to create an account right now, I made something wrong, clicked twice on the same wrong link, or something... and it doesn't work for me any more now. It shows 3 wrong links in my account, no link is working, when I try to use or delete them, under the sign "manage links" I see blanc page. Hope all that is the inevitable result of my computer stupidity;or temporary bugs, which are also imevitable on the first stage.

I am a bit more worried also by another fact - too many sites with the word BOUNCE in the Net. My google search failed to find our site, but found quite a namber of similar ones. One of them even has absolutely identical name and link: bouncesite.com...

Otherwise I am really happy to see your creative activity. I believe in your bright ideas and in your final great success. Seriously. Good luck!

ArtWanted.com Staff 11 Nov 2017

Yury, thanks for creating a new account with Bounce Site, we are glad you like it.

It looks like when you added your links they were not formatted correctly, so they created errors. We have logged into your account and fixed these issues for you.

The site is brand new, so it will not be indexed by Google yet. This will come in time, as the site gets used more and more people are linking to their own Bounce Sites. BounceSite.com is owned by us, so that is not another company, it's us.

Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.

Yury Yanin 11 Nov 2017

WOW! It works now perfectly. Hope it is not a great trouble, but a useful action - to find bugs and to fix everything from the very beginning. It is night here in Russia now, so I'll continue to play with this new toy and tool tomorrow. Thanks once more for this nice present to us and for your excellent job. Good night!

Yury Yanin 12 Nov 2017

Tried to add one more link. The result is the same - blanc page instead of the working link. I understand that I do simething wrong, but what exactly? Coild you suppose and tell me, please?

ArtWanted.com Staff 14 Nov 2017

Yuri -

There are two problems that can happen with a link and the thumbnail creation: 1) The link is incorrect/invalid 2) There was a problem creating the screen shot of the website.

If the issue is #1, then the link just needs to be corrected. This is what we did with your first few links, they were not correct.

The second issue was happening on the new website you added, they didn't allow for automated screen shots using our software. We have fixed this as well manually for you, so you should be fine now. Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.

Yury Yanin 14 Nov 2017

Oh no!!! I sem to be the only one, troubling you here. I hope it is enough, and everything is OK now. Thanks for your partience and for all that you did!!!!!!!!!

ArtWanted.com Staff 15 Nov 2017

No problem. We will continue to make it easier to add new links and have the thumbnail images load quickly.

Yury Yanin 15 Nov 2017

Congratulations! Bouncesite (https://bouncesite.com) now shows up in Russia by the Microsoft search system BING:

Bounce Site - A Visual Marketing Page bouncesite.com Create your free Bounce Site in just a few minutes. Just tell us a little about yourself and the websites your creative works are found on, and we'll do the rest!

Kimberly Tilley 15 Nov 2017

I found the site easy to use. This was such a great idea! It is like a search engine for an individual. I am sure fans and customers are going to find this more visually pleasing to use, than just a list of links on our homepage. Thank you!

karen townsend 17 Nov 2017

I have created a bounce site. Found it very easy to use, and a fabulous idea. Thank you ??????

Yury Yanin 18 Nov 2017

That's me again. NO, NO everything is still OK and works flawlessly, and the idea of the bounce site still sounds GREAT for me. I just thought that now it is time to develop all the GREAT potential of this idea, to detect bugs and problems, to fix and resolve them. So now we'd rather gain critical notes, not compliments only.

In another discussion about AD's in the IDEA section a member called RANEFOX wrote:

Unfortunately, the term 'bounced' is used when an email can't be located when sending or replying to a message, hence the bounce effect.

May be this note is worth thinking over. In other words "bounce" may resemble something incorrect, vague, almost nonexistent. Besides, there are too many sites titled "bounce" already on the Net, including absolutely similar ones - www.bouncesite.com.

By the way, I am also praying AW staff to pay more attention to that discussion about AD's, in the IDEA section. It seems important for AW future development.

As for my thoughts here, in this thread, I am afraid that we will not be able to use all the potential of this GREAT idea if we make some critical mistakes now. That's why I want to add the following notes long before they are needed to resolve future problems:

Now I can use my BOUNCESITE only for myself. I have there department "Yury", I can manage my links, but I can't see links of other AW members via my BOUNCESITE. It makes this site les useful even for myself and for my visitors too, besides my own link to my bouncesite is not so easy to find too yet. I think that AW members now should have their bounce site links clearly seen under their names everywhere on AW. In the future this bounce site should have a search box, where me and every visitor can find any artist - AW member by name and may be any artwork, submitted to AW, by tags, title, media, etc. Showing artwork from other sites in that search box is a possible topic for talks of AW staff with administrations of other sites.

My other note depends on the AW staff's general idea. If the staff wants to direct all the traffick to the AW artists links via AW main site only, it can be good for control over the bounce site, but bad for traffick. I think that it is better to develop this bounce site as original (one of the kind yet) attractive resource, available and detectable for everybody even outside AW - customers, art lovers, artists who are not AW members yet, etc. Everyone should be able to use this bounce site for finding artists and their artworks anywhere, with one exception - only AW members can have a bounce site of their own. If AW wants to aim at such perspective, may be they should change the name of the site just a bit right now, before it is too late. It can be "The First Art Bounce Site" (FABS) with the slogan "All art from one site" and with an address something like https://www.1artbouncesite.com. It can also be just "AW bouncesite" or anything like that. When popularity and traffick shell hopefully bring that site into main search systems - Google, Yandex, Baudi and others, the number 1 and words FIRST, ART, will bring this site to the first lines in the search results. All that can rise sales and AW popularity dramatically, more then attempts to keep all the traffick under AW control. AW link is the first artist link, shown on the bounce site anyway.

Sorry, being so talkative again, I thought it could be important...

ArtWanted.com Staff 19 Nov 2017

Yuri -

Thanks for your feedback and comments on the new Bounce Site concept. We appreciate your suggestions and they will be discussed with our staff to determine future updates to the website. This website is just getting started and we have many ideas on how it can evolve over time. Member feedback will also help shape this site.

We came up with the name of "Bounce Site", because visitors would be "bouncing" from one "site" link to another without staying on the landing page for long. We have used images of trampolines and people bouncing on our website to emphasize this name. While it is true that a "bounced email" means an e-mail that did not reach it's destination, there are many other uses and phrases with the term "bounce" in them that mean many other things. We felt the term was relevant to what we we are creating and it's easy to remember. www.BounceSite.com is our official domain name, so this is not owned by someone else.

We have just posted a new Examples page that shows the Bounce Sites of many of the new members that have setup their sites. In the future we will have a browse/search function to locate other members of the site. Here is the examples link: < A HREF="http://www.bouncesite.com/examples/">www.bouncesite.com/examples/

We will be sending out a survey to all of the members that have joined Bounce Site in the next few weeks to gather additional feedback to see how the website can be improved. We also have a handful of free upgrades coming next week as well. Enjoy!

ArtWanted.com Staff 21 Nov 2017

It's only been a week since we launched Bounce Site and we are thrilled with the response so far. There have been over 1,000 Bounce Site links created in the last week and it grows every day!

We have received some great feedback and suggestions from our early Bounce Site adopters and we are excited to announce a handful of these requests are now live and ready for you to use.

The new upgrades include: Link Sorting, Background Colors, Link Editing, Improved Screen Shots and more! Check out our blog post link below that goes over all the details...


Ruud Janssen 22 Nov 2017

The Bounce site works just fine, although some websites I have don't create a screenshot. Also I wonder, how will you finance this website. Can we expect some advertisings on the pages when there are a lot of users?

ArtWanted.com Staff 22 Nov 2017

Thanks for trying out the new Bounce Site Ruud. We can normally create a screen shot of any website that does not require a login. Some social media sites, depending on your security settings, will only show a screen shot of a login page. If your social media pages are public, then this is not an issue. In the future, we will have the ability for you to upload your own images/screen shot to fix those that you want to look better.

As for the funding of the site, we do not want to have any advertising on the site. This would detract from the site and we have always been against that. ArtWanted is going on 18 years without any banner ads in our history! We plan to fund the site by enhancements and upgrades in the future for those that want to have more features to their basic Bounce Site.

Ruud Janssen 22 Nov 2017

Thanks for your quick reply. The Bounce site I created works quite well. I will start to guide my visitors to it, and then I will see with the statistics if the bouncesite works for them A good idea that might grow quite fast....! Good luck.

Ruud Janssen 22 Nov 2017

When I send the link with an e-mail, I get a message the link with the questionmark isn't allowed. Is there a technical problem with that? It would mean I can't spread the link with e.g. a footer message in my e-mails....

ArtWanted.com Staff 23 Nov 2017

Ruud - There shouldn't be any reason why you can't e-mail a link with a question mark in it, most web links have them. However, you can also use your official Bounce Site URL in your e-mail, which does not have question marks:


Rex Woodmore 23 Nov 2017

Congratulations Artwanted!

Bounce Site is a great idea that I have taken full advantage off. It is so simple to use and for me it is so much more efficient than a file on my PC.

Check it out: http://www.bouncesite.com/?Site=rexwoodmore7art

ArtWanted.com Staff 24 Nov 2017

Rex, glad to hear you like the Bounce Site concept.

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