28 May, 2017
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

New Art Contest Announcement Emails

The art contest area of ArtWanted has always been popular for our members. Not just to enter contests, but to see what others have submitted and vote on them.

To help our members know about new contests, we have started a new art contest e-mail series. Each time a new contest is posted on ArtWanted, subscribers will be notified via e-mail. This is normally once every week or two.

We have NOT automatically enrolled all members in this e-mail series, as we want to make sure that these e-mails only go to those interested in the art contests on ArtWanted. Instead, only those that have entered an art contest in the past will be automatically enrolled in this e-mail series.

If you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe from this new art contest e-mail series, you can do so from your USER PREFERENCES page.

New art contests are normally posted every week or two, so be sure to visit the art contest area of ArtWanted on a regular basis. Enjoy the new art contest announcement e-mails!



Virginia Luther 29 May 2017

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marie-claire gallet 07 Jun 2017

GREAT IDEA !!!!!!!!!!

Gail Caduff-Nash 02 Aug 2017

For the Water art contest.

Likana van Wylick-Ristic 14 Aug 2017

Around the Corner_/Waterfall/In Vaals, NL Photo_Likana van Wylick_Ristic

Leonardo Garcia 02 Sep 2017


Carla Huss 12 Sep 2017

Gray Fox

bat watego 03 Oct 2017

hi i see some very good art on this page