16 January, 2017

Please, PLEASE return the ability to rearrange pictures.

Please return the option on both the artwanted site and on premium artwanted sites to rearrange the order of your pictures. And...THANK YOU ArtWanted to take the time to reply to my post and thank you ArtWanted members for replying and supporting this idea. It's true that the old way to arrange pics was a bit confusing (especially with large numbers of images). A drag and drop method, as suggested by another member, would be ideal; kind of like moving checkers around on a checker board. This visual style of arranging the pictures would really be a welcome change.



Ranefox 17 Jan 2017

Yes, return the option. First time to hear that that was an option.

Raymond Ramirez 18 Jan 2017

Excellent idea, it would really be a very positive thing for members.

Michael Weber 19 Jan 2017

Good idea!

Vincent von Frese 19 Jan 2017

I agree and it is the same thing I would love to see...and the ability to put any works at the end of one's portfolio more up to the front since most people may not wish to take the time needed to look further.

The images at the tail of a portfolio may get neglected without regular re-arrangement.

Cheryl Garman-Andrade 22 Jan 2017

Oh I would love this to, even in the private gallery. :)

Yury Yanin 23 Jan 2017

I suggested to leave this feature from the very begginning of the site redesign. Staff unswered that no one needed that feature and asked for it, but me. Due to this I had to shorten my portfolio. I included into my AW portfolio images of one kind only (female portraits). I didn't want to store very different artworks in one heap, mixing them without any order, because thus they spoil impressions of each other. May be I am wrong, but it seems to me that this kind of presentation shows some misunderstanding of the ART. and luck of respect to artists and their artwork.

100 points now! Seems I am not alone.

ArtWanted.com Staff 23 Jan 2017

Thanks for posting this idea Gerald and for everyone's comments and votes.

This is the first idea to hit 100 points, congrats! We are happy to see the participation on the new Idea Board by our members. When we came up with the idea of the Idea Board, we didn't know how much it would be used or if anyone would take the time to read the posts and vote on them. We are excited to see so many ideas posted in such a short time and for the votes start to add up. We hope that everyone can continue to post additional ideas and votes for their favorite ideas and turn this section into a popular area of ArtWanted.

Now let us share some thoughts about rearranging pictures...

As we redesigned the website last year, we took a look at every page and every feature of ArtWanted. We made lists of what pages and features were popular, and which pages and features were not used. Every feature and page on the website takes time and money to build, so we wanted to focus on the areas that were used by the majority of our members for our website redesign.

When looking at the feature of re-arranging images, we had a very small percent of our members using this feature. Almost all ArtWanted members were displaying their images with the default sorting from newest to oldest to upload (or at least they never used the re-arrange feature to change the default sorting).

Part of the reason for the low usage of this feature could have been the UI and process to rearrange images. It's possible that if it was easier to re-arrange images, more people would have used that feature. Who knows at this point, but we do admit that we can improve upon what we had in the past.

When considering what new features of ArtWanted are built. We want to spend our development time and resources wisely, so we want to work on features that will be used by many of our members, versus just a small percent of them. This is the reason behind the Idea Board, so we can get feedback and support from many members on a concept, before we take the time to build it.

If we were to bring back this feature, we would want to come up with a better way to re-arrange the images and make it easier to use. Perhaps we might even have some settings on how pictures are arranged that could be changed. We will want to get some feedback from our members as we propose a new system.

Bringing back an improved way to re-arrange the images in your portfolio is totally a possibility. However, before we do, we want to know that this feature will be used by our members if it was available. So, if you are reading this post and would like this feature, VOTE IT UP. If you would never use this feature on your portfolio, VOTE IT DOWN. Your feedback will determine the future of this idea and the others you find on the Idea Board.

The next idea milestone is at 500 points, where 50 of our members have voted for the support of an idea. At at that time, we will post additional comments about the idea, how likely it is to be built and a timeframe if it is to be built. Thanks for your votes and continue to share your ideas, comments and votes on the other ideas as well. We look forward to seeing more feedback from our members.

Michael Weber 23 Jan 2017

Would it be possible to drag pitcures where they are wanted and into folders?

Yury Yanin 24 Jan 2017

Never thought that it was a big problem. Practically ALL art sites, were I participated or visited had that feature in this or that form. Several sites (Imagekind, Deviant Ar, Saatchi Art) allow to devide portfolio into separate galleries and orrange artworks inside the galleries as you like., Others at least allow to change number of artwork in the portfolio (Fine Art America, Red Bubble, etc). I love the way of presentation of artworks and portfolio reodering options at ArtPal.com. The richest options for making portfolios of different design has, probably, ZENFOLIO. I understand that reconstructing of that feature here may take time and money, but I* hope that it is possible to make or return some simple options of this kind in some chipest and quickest way. And the staff should make that, I think - why AW must be worse then all other art sites because of luck of that feature?. So I encourage AW members to vote for it.

Ranefox 24 Jan 2017

I think it's apparent that we want to be able to arrange our images. Perhaps providing an option for random flow within the main portfolio would alleviate some of the stagnation. I've found that by creating titled sub-categories has increased views of my portfolio. As a web designer, I'm all too aware of the work involved, however, with this much response, I'd like to think you folks could find a way to accommodate our request.

Vincent von Frese 28 Jan 2017

Yuri has valid points regarding the understanding of art related to how art can be presented. Random hordes of artworks might be a turnoff.

Each artist must be their own gallery curator I think. A look at galleries and museums in one's own city reveals a very well thought out design plan for the display of art. An atmosphere of relaxation and meditation allows a visitor to become involved both mentally and spiritually while experiencing a work of art.

An art museum or gallery allows a visitor to receive an artistic experience with each work of art they come in contact with. A place of art weather it be an outdoor sculpture garden or an indoor gallery works like a church since they both offer a refuge from the ordinary busy and hectic world of ordinary life.

Floater 28 Jan 2017

Ditto. The "Order" feature was great. Thanks.

Marcia Wilson 28 Jan 2017

I've wanted this arrangement feature back since I posted a pair of paintings that should have been arranged side-by-side and ended, instead, atop each other. Totally wrecks the intent of the piece. Here's a proof of half of the set.

Marcia Wilson 28 Jan 2017

And the other half:

Gustavo Vazquez king 29 Jan 2017

" 2 minutos " https://youtu.be/9qwND8vCGJE realizado por mi hija Valentina en mi taller. Carboneras Almería España.

Yury Yanin 13 Feb 2017

The staff said they are going to wait until this idea gains 500 points and then to decide. The counter stopped on 160. There are no so many active AW members here to provide 500 points. It means we shell never have a simple option, which people have on all other art sites from the very begginning without any extra ideas and discussions.

ArtWanted.com Staff 13 Feb 2017

Just to clarify, we don't have a point threshold for any idea to become a reality. We may love an idea that only has 10 points on it and build it, or it may not even be possible to build an idea that has 1,000 points. The points are helpful to see the interest, but they do not dictate what is built or not. The goal of the idea board is to hear the wish list items of our members and to collect the comments from other members in support or not for an idea. Keep the ideas and the votes coming.

Yury Yanin 14 Feb 2017

Sorry to seem over critical again... It is always like that with any democrasy: a lot of people cry out different requirements and only a few persons actually decide and rule, want to work and to do anything... Fortunately for me, here at AW I can respect your rules, admit your active and effective job, but to be on the side of the DEMOS.... and... Please, PLEASE return the ability to rearrange pictures!!!

Dale Newman 07 Jun 2018

Definitely! bring this option back what a valuable tool this would be.

Mark Peterson 30 Apr 2019

This option is so wanted by me and many other members. It would give the artist more control over their own portfolio for arrangement appeal. Portfolio page display is important especially to the artist.

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