15 January, 2017
  • Al Budarin
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I'm amazed @ all the wonderful Art our members create,it's masterful, I really would like to see,possibly it's already being done,but put some of the artists work into categories & rank them weekly in that media & display



Jerry Coppo 16 Jan 2017

I do think it would be a good idea for visitors to be able to choose a category of medium. Somebody may be specifically looking for watercolors, for example; it would be nice to have a 'watercolors' link right on the home page instead of searching through portfolios. Of course this would mean that everybody uploading artwork needs to make sure they list the medium. I know i may have skipped that step once or twice...

Al Budarin 16 Jan 2017

I very much agree,as I've stated before,it's all about exposure,that's why we display our Art,not only for our members,& I for one don't mind displaying my Email address, to some one,that Complimented my art work Annonymously