15 January, 2017

Editing the for sale information, after having posted it.

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I have noticed that after you initially add a photo of our artwork, fill in the form with all the information and save it, that you can not later edit the part of whether or not you want to sell the art through the print on demand program.

I would like Artwanted to add the ability to change whether or not you wish to sell the work, under the "Manage" "Edit" function. (The only way I have found to change this information is to delete the artwork and start all over again)



Thomas Curry 15 Jan 2017

this is already possible: look for control pannel; then manage portfolio

James Anderson 15 Jan 2017

Sorry Thomas, still don't see the ability to do it.

ArtWanted.com Staff 15 Jan 2017

James - Yes, the ability to edit for sale information is already built into the website. However, if you didn't know about it, perhaps we can still make a change to make it easier to find and use. :-)

From the MANAGE PORTFOLIO page, click on the EDIT icon (pencil) to edit the image. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and you should see the option to add/edit the sales information. Attached is a screen shot for one of your own images. Please confirm that you can see this, or if you are not seeing it still.

James Anderson 16 Jan 2017

Okay, perhaps I am not making myself clear. There is no way to edit whether or not you want to sell prints or not. In other words, say you accidentally did not uncheck the sell prints box, thus you are set up to sell prints. There is no way to change that setting without deleting the image and starting over. Plus the entry at the bottom of the page is just for selling the original, is it not?

ArtWanted.com Staff 16 Jan 2017

James, thanks for the clarification. Yes, you are correct. There is not currently a way to remove an image from the print-on-demand program, once it's been added.

We will modify your original idea, so it's clear for eveyone else. Thanks for posting your idea.

ArtWanted.com Staff 27 Apr 2017

James, when you EDIT the image in your portfolio, there is an option at the bottom to remove the for sale information, so that image is no longer for sale. Just click the link highlighted in this image.