31 August, 2016


No one is voting - probably because they didn't see the pale button on the very bottom which says "save you vote". Also seems to allow one person to vote for the same entry many times?



RQ Trietsch 01 Sep 2016

I've voted in all of them, but have yet to see the results.

Yury Yanin 01 Sep 2016

The main result is already there - more exposure for artworks. It is already good. Should we wait for any other results? My experience shows that other results of such contests are usually rathe wague andr unpredictable. The best artwork not always takes the 1st place. Even when the prize for the 1st place is very low and cheap, there are always too many ambitious people, who try to win at all costs by any fithy methods. They are not good enough for a fare competition and do not want it. They vote for their own artwork only, weather it is good or not, ask other people to vote for them, try to critisize other competitors, make low votes for otherr artworks,. etc. It is very typical for USA, but may occur also elsewhere....

ArtWanted.com Staff 03 Sep 2016

Marie -

Each day we have people voting for the art contests. The votes are all saved and at the end of the week when the voting ends, the votes are calculated and the entries are sorted by highest voted artworks. We would love it if more members voted for the entries and we have just launched a new Member Activity Rewards program to hopefully do that.

As for allowing members to vote multiple times, we only keep the most recent vote for each entry per artist. So you can vote multiple times for an entry, but only your last vote is saved and all previous votes are thrown out. We will be updating the contest page soon to display your vote on each entry, so you know that it saved.

Yury Yanin 05 Sep 2016

And "a pale button complain" in initial post of this thread... it is also a design problem or one more "dislike" of the new format... "matter of test" again though... My test is also a bigger and brighter fonts, user friendly design, or detailed explanations how it works and what to do... I am a stupid old Russian after all...

To be more positive, I'd like to note that it is a very clever feature "one vote for member", which is described above.

One more feature that can make contests a bit more fare is juried contests. Not always, not in all contests, but sometimes for certain contests the AW staff could form a jury from experienced and properly educated AW members or staff to apoint a winner.

I also recall that on other art sites contests are often being started not by stuff, but by artists members. I also think that collectors and other would be buyers could also start contests - describe what artwork you want, look at artworks offered or specially made for you by AW members and just buy what you like most of all. Thus the winner and the price may appear in the most natural way.

Floater 22 Sep 2016

Yes, the button on the bottom is very pale on some monitors; hardly visible.

ArtWanted.com Staff 22 Sep 2016

We are not quite sure what you mean by a pale button. This is how we are seeing the button on our end (large blue button). If you do not see it this way, please post a screen shot of what you see and also the web browser you are using, so we can fix this.

Ron Bedsole 11 Apr 2018

How does one vote, I can find neither any art entries or anywhere to submit a vote??

ArtWanted.com Staff 11 Apr 2018

Ron - Currently there are no open contests to vote for. However, next week you will have the options to vote on some of the contests. We will enable contest notification emails for you, so you are alerted when voting is open for a contest.