03 January, 2013

Film 7 years in the making

For over 7 years I have been working in my spare time on a film that incorporates traditional art such as oil paintings and pencil drawings with 3D digital animation creating virtually every aspect from the minds eye. The intended release date for the film is early June 2013. I would like to share the last 6 months progress with all of you by posting works in the film as I approach the final renderings. Please feel free to comment: tell all of us your experience with film & animation.

Thanks So Much! H. E. Drew



Drew 03 Jan 2013

Drew 15 Jan 2013

Drew 18 Jan 2013

working out the lighting on this shot..

Drew 18 Feb 2013

Low res. example:

Cole McLester 18 Feb 2013

Most excellent!

Vincent von Frese 19 Feb 2013

I love the idea of a painting, say a van Gogh, moving and interacting. Like kinetic sculpture, it appeals to me for this reason to begin with.

Drew 19 Feb 2013

Thank you Artist! there is life at AW......

Rene Saucedo 30 Mar 2013

Fantastic, you are doing great work. I'm so glad you are doing something like me. Not similar work, but creating a film with 3d. I don't feel crazy anymore. Well, maybe a little. Can't wait to see the completed project.

Drew 30 Mar 2013

Thanks Rene, here an animation from long ago... this creation will be in the film.....

Drew 04 Apr 2013

And here's another animation:

Drew 06 Apr 2013

Here is a very old proto-type animation that was part of the earliest development of the film making process.

Drew 08 Apr 2013

This experimental film was the most complicated of all the experimental clips.

Drew 14 Apr 2013

Here is another experimental clip.

Drew 20 Apr 2013

Here's another short animation:

Drew 23 Apr 2013

Another short clip:

John Enright 15 May 2013

brilliant work drew... I congratulate you and look forward to the final edited version.

Un Known 15 May 2013

Man, that is friggin cool!

Drew 17 May 2013

Thanks John, been a long time.... Thanks Un Known...... Here's another Shot from the film:

Drew 21 May 2013

Here is another shot from the film.

Drew 22 Jul 2013

another old animation I dug up.

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