21 August, 2009

Portrait artists wanted

I've done a couple (3) for cutomers and some for myself. but I don't really have a love for it. I'm looking for portrait artists who would like to draw requests for $$$. Message me or email me at estaphis@hotmail.com



pamela pantuso 08 Sep 2009

Hi Kristiena, I posted on your other ad, but wondered if this has been filled already as well? Thank you for such a quick response on the other. Pamela

Arron Kirkwood 03 Oct 2009

I love doing portraits, if you still have a need for a portrait artist please contact me at artofarronk@gmail.com or checvk out my web at www.artwanted.com/artofarron. Attached is a portrait of the 44th president and first lady.

wendy zantinge 07 Oct 2009

i can do custom portraits, all i would need is a pic of the person, i can do anything in various mediums

Luke Gandy 08 Oct 2009

i do portraits...if i can help let me know ...lukesart@gmail.com

Joan Wulff 09 Oct 2009

I do portraits in oil and pastel for commissions,

Joan Wulff 09 Oct 2009

I do portraits in oil and pastel for commissions,

Armando Valero 23 Jan 2010

Hi Kristiena, my name is Armando Valero, I am a Portrait artist with 40 years of experience. I have a few portraits on my artwanted page, but many more to show you. Hope you like them


Dorottya Simanyi 25 Jan 2010

I send email for you

John Barfield 27 Jan 2010

Kristiena- I would like to be considered for your offer as a portrait artist, I am a photorealistic artist that is talented in a wide variet of mediums. Thank You for your consideration. John B.

John Barfield 27 Jan 2010

Here is a link to some of the sites with my artwork for your consideration. www.myspace.com/cherokeemystic www.facebook.com/cherokeemystic www.twitter.com/cherokeemystic www.cherokeejohn.deviantart.com

Bonnie Sieben 03 Feb 2010

Hi there. I enjoy painting many things but my specialty and passion are in Portraits.

Angela Mingledorff 18 Feb 2010

Hello, I too would love to draw requests. I work in pencil, pastel and oil. Portraits are my passion:)

Michele Haro 18 Feb 2010

I am based in Palm Bay, Florida and have created portraits for national musicians, actors/actresses and other people of interest in DIGITAL format.

Here is one small sample of my work and my style is varied.

Jessica Jimerson 19 Feb 2010

Hi, I do vector digital portraits, I would love to be comissioned to do one for you if you haven't picked someone already... I also to pencil drawings as well, but digital is my main. -Check out my portfolio it's got a few celeb portraits I've done...

Brian Stewart 24 Feb 2010

Portrait work at reasonable prices. My site is http://loskaus.webs.com I hope to hear from you.

Joe Ogle 24 Feb 2010

Hello Kristiena,

My name is Joe Ogle. I do portraits for commissions in pastel, charcoal and graphite.

Other works. http://joseph-ogle.fineartamerica.com

Kenny Stover 01 Feb 2011

I am a portrait artist,digital painter,and animator.My degree is in digital animation.I would love the opportunity to draw some portraits for you and/or your clients. Please take a look at my portfolio. Thanks, Kenny Stover

Marvin Mariano 06 Mar 2011

Hey Kristina,

Painting Portraitures in traditional or digital mediums is one of my specialties. Please visit my site for my services:


Thank you.

Kristiena Manbeck 19 Apr 2011

this board needs to be deleted, I just dont know how to do it. sorry I didnt realize this is up but the job for this project is closed. thank you all for your interests and all your artwork is amazing.

Prakash Narashimha Murthy 18 May 2011

I'm intrested to do waterr color portraits...please view my portfoloio

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