18 June, 2009

Bashplanet award

I have not given out this here in quite some time as I haven't been here in a while but I have been here lurking around and I think it is only fitting I select this quarters award winners from the folks here, You win an all expense paid trip to absolutely no where and of course absolutely nothing except a goofy little graphic but recognition is recognition..I guess... he he

The first is Anneke Hut she relentlessly promotes art and never misses a day , Many times when I came here and only had a second or two I looked for her post to get the abridged version of the best and what great taste she has..

Second is Denny Karchner, because he is holding my children for ransom and if I don't give the damned award to him he will dress them in black and gold and make them watch reruns of Steelers games until they crack....and well because I think he is one of the single finest artist I have known personally

And Third is Minerva Bloom, because she wont hesitate to take the time to help, in the last month she helped me a great deal with understanding the differences in cameras and well lets just say she cleared up a good bit of confusion... see below


It is for these reasons, well except Denny, ha ha I think you 3 are the most deserving of praise, mine? no not just mine ...EVERYONE'S!!! Thanks for all you have done for art... and for me!!



BUFFALO GRAPHICS Dennis Karchner 18 Jun 2009

I am truly honored Pete! I will have your Kids back shortly!!

Honestly, that is some kind words. Thanks Buddy.--Denny

Thom Roslan 19 Jun 2009

I AGREE with THEE.....Pete !

Congrats to Anneke, Denny and Minerva.......for everything Pete said ! ! !

Anneke Hut 19 Jun 2009

Thank you very much for the sweet words, Pete! It's my first award ever, so I am totally surprised and honoured! Thanks for brigthening my day! :))

RQ Trietsch 19 Jun 2009

Gotta to agree also.

19 Jun 2009

K Jacobs 19 Jun 2009

People I respect...thats for sure.

Terry Bassett 19 Jun 2009

Good choices Pete... and congrats to the recipients... well deserved..:-)

Martha Miller 19 Jun 2009

I have to agree with everyone here Pete..........Excellent Choices. all very deserving.