19 August, 2003
  • ArtWanted.com Staff

Message Board Updates

We have just made a few improvements to the Message Boards that we walked to outline:

MESSAGE SEARCH - We have added the ability to search through all of our message board for a specific word, name or group of words. The search box is located in the left-hand menu. Simply type what you want to look for and click the arrow next to the box to search. You will be taken to a results page of all the message threads that have these words in it. When you click on the subject to view the messages, you will see that every occurrence of the word you searched for is highlighted in red.

SORT HEADERS - When you click on any of the 7 sections of the message board, you now have the ability to sort by any of the columns that are on screen. You can sort by message subject, the person it was posted by, post date, last reply date, number of replies and number of views. By doing so, it will also remember your preference so that any section that you look at will be sorted the way you desire.

CLASSIFIED SECTION - We have changed the sorting order for the classified's area, so that the newest messages are on top. This is the best way to display our classified ads, because the newest posts can be seen first.

MORE BUTTONS - We have also added the REPLY and NEW POST buttons at the top of the page, as well as at the bottom like they were before. This should make it easier for everyone to post messages and grow the community.

Additional improvements coming soon, stay tuned...