02 March, 2006

Casino Royale

What does everyone think about that? The gun is a bit jagged admittedly but this is an earlier project. I was VERY lazy in uploading new stuff.



Gavin North 02 Mar 2006

Cool concept, I like it

Steph Salt 03 Mar 2006

Very nice Gabriel, and very traditional looking.

it's not too late to get rid of jagged edges though. That's if you want to make it look cleaner?

I used the smudge tool around the edges and I had it's properties set on darken. And look the upper edge isn't jagged.

terence ulrich 03 Mar 2006

I think there's too much green showing.

Try zooming in and filling up the space with the cards, dice, blood and gun!

Gabriel Leal 06 Mar 2006

You might have a point about the green. I was thinking of putting some designs on the back so it looks like one of those card tables but i decided against it.

Ahh, I see you what you mean about smudging the jaggies on the edge of the gun! thanks!

you guys rock!