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11 May, 2023
  • denise wilson

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Yes! It was brilliant! Great idea that helped us all! I have had much more activity and am tickled! Best idea really! It's awesome! Ty!

01 May, 2023
  • Staff
  • 01 May 2023

Original Post: Art Duel Prize Winners

Two weeks ago we launched our new Art Duel feature. The positive response has been even better than we expected. The new Art Duel feature has quickly become the #1 page on the ArtWanted website.

In just the last two weeks we have had over 90,000 art duels showcasing over 180,000 images from over 23,000 artists! These Art Duels have led to thousands of ArtWanted artists getting more exposure to their artwork, new followers, artwork comments, and artist fans.

As part of this new feature launch, we have also been giving away daily prizes to random members using the Art Duel page. Every vote for a duel was an entry to win the daily prize. We wanted to post the list of prizes and winners for all to see.


  • $10 Bank Account Credit (Rick C. & Vicki P.)
  • 1 Year of ArtWanted Premium Membership (Linda A. & Scott J.)
  • Featured Artist (Gary K. & Salma E.)
  • Free 8x10 Glossy Print (Joanie H. & Thomas C.)
  • Free Art Book (Scott J. & Jade B.)
  • Free Computer Mousepad (Rick C.)
  • Free Custom Art Puzzle (Nicole F.)
  • Social Media Exposure Boost (Scott J.)
  • We will continue to give away random prizes for people using the Art Duel feature, at least monthly over the next year.

    We couldn’t be happier with the response and we invite you all to continue voting for your favorite artists as they duel for your vote. We also invite you to share your feedback with us on the Art Duel survey, so we can continue to improve the art duel process. Thank You!