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23 April, 2023
  • Staff

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Mark - At this time we are not taking any physical copies of notebooks or sketchbooks. Our book system is setup for you to upload your images directly to our website and skip the snail mail. If you have sketches in a book, then you can scan them using a scanner (or scanner service), so you have the digital files, which you can then upload to ArtWanted.

18 March, 2023
  • Staff
  • 18 Mar 2023

Original Post: Create and sell your own printed coloring books and downloadable eBooks!

BIG NEWS! Have you ever wanted to publish your own coloring book, how-to-draw book, comic book, sketch book or digital eBook? Now you can for FREE!

All ArtWanted artists can now create and sell their own custom coloring books or custom art books!

Earn extra cash by selling your own art books through ArtWanted or at in-person live events. There are no up-front costs to create multiple custom books with ArtWanted, because all books are printed-on-demand for the customer when they are ordered. These 8.5x11" printed books have a full-color glossy front/back cover and up to 100 high-quality black and white interior pages. Your digital eBooks can be full color on all pages. You can choose if you want to offer printed books, digital PDF downloads or both! Check out the live coloring book featured above on the portfolio of Holy Durr, one of the talented artists on ArtWanted.

We have created a new page in your ArtWanted Control Panel that explains this exciting new product in full detail, including: book options, image guidelines, pricing, bulk discounts, digital downloads, sample book images, design templates and much more. Click the link below to learn all about this new product and how you can get started today selling your own custom books!

Learn More

After creating your book, your ArtWanted portfolio will have a new link to view and purchase your art book(s). You can choose the retail price of your books and earn a sales commission off each one you sell. Read this page for all the details

If you have any questions about the art books, just reply to this post or send us a support ticket. We can't wait to see what you create!