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16 November, 2021
  • Staff

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Yes, you can do this. The balance you have on your account will be automatically applied to anything you purchase on ArtWanted, so it's automatic for you on the last page of the shopping cart.

06 October, 2021
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  • 06 Oct 2021

Original Post: 2022 Calendars Now Available to Create & Sell

All ArtWanted artists can now create and sell their own personalized 2022 wall calendars that feature your own artwork/photos!

This calendar product has received great feedback from our members about the quality of the paper and printing. We invite all ArtWanted artists to create your own calendar. There's no cost to build your calendar, and you will earn extra income if you sell them to your fans.

Calendar Details

The calendars are 11” wide by 8.5” tall when closed. They are spiral bound together and are printed on a heavy 110# cardstock paper. Each month will feature a different image that you have created. Your images will look amazing!

The process to create a calendar couldn’t be easier and we even fixed a few bugs from last year. Simply upload your 12 high-resolution images plus your front cover image and you’re done! You can even import images from your portfolio or last year's calendar to get you started.

We take care of all the rest for you, including creating the master calendar template, printing the calendars and shipping them to the buyer. You will collect a sales commission from every calendar you sell.

What's New? This year we have improved the process again by making it easier to import calendar images from last year and fixing a few bugs we had with the printing and shipping of some calendars.

Calendar Pricing & Commission

The default retail price of the calendar is $18 (USD), but you can change the retail price of your own calendar if you want. The wholesale cost to print each calendar is $12, so any amount above that is your profit. You can even buy your own calendars at the low wholesale price for gifts. Commission funds will be deposited into your ArtWanted bank account after the product ships, and you can use those funds for any ArtWanted purchase or request a payment via PayPal/check.

Calendar Promotion

The calendar will be promoted on your portfolio page with a new “2022 Calendar” icon. This portfolio page will talk about the calendar, display all of the monthly images and have a button for visitors to purchase your calendar. We will also post your calendar in a special Calendars section of the website later this year. After creating your own calendar, we suggest you tell your fans about it via social media or email campaigns.

Calendar Image Requirements:

  • For the highest quality product, we suggest using at least 300 dpi images (no less than 100 dpi accepted). Pixel dimensions of 3450 pixels wide x 2700 pixels tall is ideal.
  • Wide landscape orientation images are preferred over vertical images.
  • Images will be printed with a full-bleed, so some minor cropping on the edges will occur. Keep all critical details at least 1/2" in from the edge of the product dimensions.
  • You do NOT need to be a Premium Member to create or sell this Calendar product. It's a special product available to all members to sell on their portfolios.
  • Creating Your Calendar

    After you have decided which images you want to have on the calendar and prepared the images, head over to our Calendar Builder page to upload your images and set your retail price.

    Calendar Summary

    We hope you enjoy this new ArtWanted feature take advantage of it by creating your own custom calendar for 2022. The calendars are great for home or office and make a great gift. Post a reply with your feedback on this new product and let's see what you create!

    Featured Calendar Artists: Karla Mann, Natalie Shau and Nelly Recchia.

    Create Your Calendar Now